Handbag survival kit for your Christmas party

Christmas bag

So you’ve bought a glitzy new dress, got your hair and nail appointment sorted, now you’re just wondering if you need to buy them shoes you saw last week, or if the ones you bought last year will suffice. That’s right, it’s time for your work’s Christmas party.

To survive this somewhat arduous event, we’ve put together a 10-piece survival kit that’ll fit right into your handbag –maybe your coat pocket too- and keep you going all night long.

1) Instead of lugging around the 100ml bottle of Chanel perfume and spending the majority of your night worrying about it smashing, get yourself a perfume atomiser. They’re small and will easily fit in even the smallest of bags, leaving you smelling fresh all night. eBay have loads of perfume atomisers for pretty cheap and have a variety of sizes so you’ll be able to find one to fit your bag.

2) Once you get dragged on to the dance floor you know there’s no escape, so instead of crippling your poor toes and covering your feet in blisters, get some fold up pumps and leave them in your coat pocket –if your bag is too restricting-  you can thank us later for that tip.

3) If coats and larger clutches are out of the question then you should definitely get some gel cushions to lighten the load of your tootsies.

4) Not as inventive as some of our other ideas but just as important. It doesn’t matter where you end up having your party, you can always guarantee there will be no loo roll or, the hand dryers are so bad they somehow make your hands wetter. So think ahead and pop some tissues in your bag, you’re a little old to still be drying your hands on your dress aren’t you?

5) Lipstick, it’s a no brainer. Food and drink hate lipstick and do all they can to smear it off and nothing looks worse than half removed lippy. We suggest you buy a cheaper brand to take out with you, by all means before you go out use your trusty Chanel lippy, but when you’re out we suggest you take a cheaper version incase you misplace it. MUA have a wide range of lipsticks for £1.

6) Powder is another vital ingredient, lose or pressed it doesn’t matter, you don’t want to wake up in the morning, look at all those tagged photos to find you face looks like it’s been smothered in oil. Again, with powder we suggest you buy a cheap one, the last thing you want is your favourite powder being smashed. Try Collection 2000 they have loads of different shades for under £5.

7) A hairspray miniature is also wise to keep in your bag. It keeps your hair big and your make-up in place, no matter how hot the room gets or how carried away you get on the dance floor.

8) For particularly unruly or extra fancy hairstyles, keeping a few hair grips in your bag can also work out pretty handy too.

9) Fashion tape/safety pins this is a precaution for the clumsy among us. Some dresses don’t permit bras, and if you hadn’t already noticed, it’s pretty cold in the North East. Also having a safety pin or two in your bag might just prevent the most embarrassing wardrobe meltdown of your life.

10) Take some mints, chances are you’ll be going for a Christmas meal before and lets face it, no one likes garlic breath.


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