Harry Styles’ style, ranked.

A master of his image, fashion and most importantly, music, Harry styles has teased a new era and album, with ‘Harry’s house’ releasing on 20 May, 2022.


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Taking to Instagram with a distorted image of a minimalistic, 60s inspired living room, the Worcestershire-born singer songwriter wore wide-legged denim jeans and a gorgeous white blouse. The post was simply captioned ‘Harry’s house. May 20th.’ and has since racked up more than 6,000,000 likes.

The post also came with a 30 second video featuring clips of daffodils, traffic, the London underground and fans at concerts.

Often one to bend gender norms, stereotypes and expectations, the announcement of his new music hints at a maturing sound and new direction for the singer. From his ‘fratboy era’ to his ‘fine line era’, he has allowed his fashion and music to grow in harmony.

Golden era Harry Styles at the 2020 Brit Awards. Photo from Alamy

This new album suggests further changeĀ  and whilst we aren’t too sure what the coming era will be, we have come to a conclusion on our favourite five eras.

At number five, is ‘Golden Harry’ with his mid-length curls, summer aesthetic and continued experimentation with vibrant, often clashing colours.

Our number four choice goes to Frat Boy Harry, who although looked as if he might offer you a beer at any given moment, was beginning to trade in the wholesome and preppy image he had cultivated during his time on The X Factor for something more edgy and personal.

Dunkirk Harry gets the number three spot, as his hair became coiffed and fluffy and his outfits focused on dark suits and tailoring. While it could be argued that this era was too simple and not a true expression of the musicians style, we can’t help but love a classic.

In number two is Fine Line Harry, who debuted in 2019 and seems to have been one of the most fashionable expressions of his personality. It also helps that the music from this era was phenomenal.

Fine Line Harry at the 2019 Met Gala. Photo from Alamy

The number one spot goes to long haired harry, the period of time where Mr styles began to break gender stereotypes back in 2014. This era was characterised by Gucci suits, florals and boots. We were heartbroken when the hair went.

Harry at the 2021 Brit awards, reminiscent of long-haired Harry. Photo from Alamy

This coming era of Harry, however, may dethrone our number one spot: something we eagerly await.

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