Has our fashion icon Barbie become the underdog?


Barbie has hit a crisis point after turning 55-years-old.

Sales of the iconic doll have dropped a surprising 21 per cent in the third quarter, which has contributed to a 22 per cent decline in profits for the toy-makers Mattel.

For generations she has been favoured by little girls all over the world, famous for her glamorous appearance and countless careers – from vet to builder, doctor to astronaut.

Barbie’s popularity and many alter-egos may be a significant contribution to her decrease in sales. With little girls’ play rooms filled with multiple versions of the doll, it appears as though she is now more of a disposable consumer product, as opposed to a young girl’s companion.

The competition that faces Barbie is also far greater than ever before. A year after the release of Disney’s Frozen, retailers almost can’t keep up with the demand. Sunderland’s The Disney Store even opened an hour early because of queues after a delivery of Frozen items.

Mattel’s rivalling toy-making company Hasbro Inc has recently gained the rights for Disney’s Frozen dolls, which will go to Hasbro Inc in the spring of 2016.


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