History turned into modern fashion – Sunderland Fashion Students collaboration with Barbour

A student was inspired by the place she grew up in, and used it to make her design piece in cooperation with Barbour.

Student Hannah Garrett piece was inspired by the heritage of both Britain and Wales. In her design, she incorporates parts of history that is significant to both. When she was researching  Barbour, she found that they focus a lot on the countryside, having grown up, in the countryside near the border between England and Wales, she was able to tailor her piece and make it more personal to her.

Rather than designing a piece similar to Barbour’s usual style, she: “wanted it to do it her way and put her own colours to it”. In her piece, she doesn’t stick to Barbour’s traditional green, but instead uses a burgundy patterned fabric, but still includes the green in the inside lining.

Within the piece, she has used parts that represent her own style, such as the sleeves in the trench coat she designed. They are puff sleeves which she explained were her “signature”, but she also wanted to make them sustainable, so she made them easily changeable into flared sleeves.

She kept the rest of the piece minimal as the collar, inspired by the shawls of Welsh heritage, was the part she wanted to stand out in her piece.


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