University of Sunderland’s Rising Design Stars Collaborate with Barbour: Crafting “Fashion Excellence”

University of Sunderland’s rising design stars collaborated with popular fashion brand Barbour.

Olivia McCready, a third-year student, currently taking a degree in fashion design, actively participated in the university’s recent Barbour project. The project saw fashion design students faced with a challenge in their first semester, they were set to design a unique item of clothing based on a briefing they received from popular high-end clothing brand: Barbour.

Barbour’s design team provided students with knowledge of the brand’s deep-rooted history, which was able to give the students an insight into how the brand develops its products. Barbour also donated the materials that students used to make their designed items of clothing. 

McCready conceptualised and crafted a coordinated two-piece skirt suit, comprising a jacket with a corduroy collar, tortoiseshell buttons, and embellished with pink flowers along its lining. Notably, McCready sourced the flowers from her Grandmother’s garden, carefully recreating them through freehand drawing. Subsequently, she incorporated the floral design by printing it on the pockets of her jacket as well as the jackets lining.

OLIVIA MCCREADY innovative design

Design student OLIVIA MCCREADY

The budding designer shared insights into the inspiration behind her unique creation.

“I loved being able to use flowers from my grandmother’s garden as part of my design as it made it feel more sentimental,” she exclaimed.

This personal touch not only adds a layer of emotional depth to the garment but also highlights the profound connection between fashion and personal history. The two-piece ensemble has been turning heads, not just for its aesthetic appeal, but for the meaningful story woven into its fabric.

The young designer’s ability to blend traditional elements with contemporary design speaks volumes about the bright future that lies ahead for her in the world of fashion.

McCready also expressed that ‘Since taking part in this project Barbour has definitely become one of my favourite brands within the fashion industry, the brand has a classy, old-fashioned charm coupled with new trendy styles’.

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