How lockdown has changed my style

Comfort is all I require during lockdown when it comes to fashion. Gone are the days of creating beautiful looks and outfits for date nights with my boyfriend, nights out with the girls and even just a day at university.
Now, since I spend most of my time at my desk, on my couch or on a walk, all I want from my wardrobe is relaxed fashion.

Saying that, thanks to inspiration from fashion Instagram accounts and online stores such as Boohoo and Pretty Little Thing, I have managed to make my day to day styling relatively on trend and chic.
I also still abide by my own fashion rules (not applicable to everyone) such as I NEVER pair pink and red together.

It seems that joggers and leggings are a main staple of mine. Something I would not even had dreamed of wearing in public before lockdown started. Yet I find myself reaching for them every time I dress for the day, even if that includes an outdoor trip to ASDA for an essential shop.

Photo credit: Pretty Little Thing
PLT Joggers £20

Oversized music merch is another favourite choice of mine also. Little Mix and Ariana Grande t-shirts that I bought two sizes too big have found their purpose now. It helps to provide me with some simple happiness during this time also. To throw on the t-shirt and pop the artist in question on Spotify motivates me to then get through my to-do list for the day.

Photo credit: Holly Allton

Although I am obsessed with make-up and all things beauty, I have completely avoided putting anything other than my skincare products (never neglect, even in quarantine) on my face during lockdown, mostly because I don’t want to waste my makeup. However, I am noticing the benefit this is having on my skin, I think it appreciates the time off. What I have done however is succumbed to the pink hair trend. I love my new candy floss locks I feel they really bring out the blue in my eyes, which makes up for the bare face. Although I can’t resist a snapchat filter for a selfie.

Even though I am definitely enjoying the lounge wear and lack of effort, I am certainly looking forward to getting glammed up again soon. To curl my hair, do a full face and put on my best attire and feel gorgeous. Although, I’m not sure I’ll recognise myself!


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