How to style tartan this autumn/winter

Tartan is a style that will never go out of date. Every year it makes an appearance on the high street and in fashion shows. It is a style that has been around for hundreds of years and is here to stay.

It is a staple of your autumn/winter wardrobe – even if it’s just a little accessory, the majority of us have a bit peering from our wardrobe. If you raid your mum’s room (as we all have done to borrow vintage clothes at times) you will definitely find a tartan scarf wrapped round one of her many coats. However if you haven’t been interested in this trend, now is definitely as good a time as any to go out and find your own garment to liven up your wardrobe.

It’s understandable if you are one of these rare few who haven’t been able to find that perfect red, green and black tartan skirt or handbag. There is a wide choice available so it can be a bit overwhelming. So we have done the hard work for you and found fresh new pieces to update your wardrobe, along with the perfect way to style them.

  1. This first outfit is simple and the colours suit the autumn colour palette brilliantly. The skirt is from online retailer Moddolly and is now on sale at £16. The high polo neck top is from Urban Outfitters, £18 and available in three colours. The boots featured throughout the shoot are from Primark (yes, you heard right) and are £14.
  2. This is another simple outfit if you don’t want to go all out in tartan. You will be able to get a top with this pattern on from a number of retailers. This one is from EBay but originally Topshop. It cost £20 and Topshop have similar items still available on their website. The skirt is also from Topshop but has sold out now. That said, there are a few other variations online to choose from.
  3. You can also go with a checked shirt and wrap it around the waist to add a bit of interest to the outfit. Checked shirts are easy to come by and you will be able to get them from nearly all the high street shops and even some charity shops if you’re lucky enough.
  4. If you want to opt for a full tartan ensemble these next three outfits are just the tickets. The first tartan dress with collar is a traditional print and doesn’t need any other styling except maybe a necklace or collar clips. This is from Moddolly and costs £30.
  5. This dress is from Jack Wills, and again requires no other styling or accessories as all the attention is on the dress and pattern. A nice brown shoulder bag wouldn’t go amiss though. Sadly this dress is no longer at Jack Wills but they have a dress quite similar called the Bleakley dress for £98.50 (something to put on the letter to Santa).
  6. The final outfit (a personal favourite) is a tartan co-ord from Ark. The top is £14.99 and trousers £24.99. Ark is a brilliant website for buying key trend clothes, with sections dedicated to these trends. Their tartan section has 27 wonderful items to choose from and judging by the fit and look of this co-ord it is definitely worth a gander!

If you are one to shy away from popular trends, with tartan you can still stand out. Tartan is an amazing pattern and looks good on everyone, so no matter how you wear it you will stand out.


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