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Woven was born from a desire to have a more personal approach to men’s fashion, combining both high quality products from British brands and a close relationship with customers. Offering people affordable, high quality products that can be wardrobe staples; it’s not about strictly following trends it’s about creating your own style.

Woven is now in its 5th year and is still growing, with an outlet store and a website which launched about a year ago. Based in the heart of Durham, a successful independent retailer who prides themselves on customer service. Woven offer a diverse range of British brands, suit hire and made to measure services to ensure you have the perfect outfit no matter what the occasion.

Stocking a wide range of casual and formal brands such as Remus Uomo, Gibson London, Bertoni of Denmark, 7 Square and Scott; their best seller.

Some of the footwear online and instore is designed and created specifically for Woven. Including other brands from their huge footwear selection such as Lacuzzo, Paradigma, Goodwin Smith, Ikon, John White and Sergio Duletti.

Prices vary with hire packages starting from £79, suits that start from £99 in our outlet and formal wear from around £225.

As prom season is approaching, we spoke to Woven owner Chris Hayes about how the prom industry has helped his business and why prom is becoming more popular for boys.

So, how has the rise in the prom industry affected Woven?

“The rise of the prom industry has definitely affected the business in a positive way, not only with more people buying into our brands at an earlier age but with a younger audience now paying more attention to style and developing their own identities earlier than ever before. I think the prom industry has allowed people access to a fashion world that was once seen for an older audience.

“About 70% of the people who come in to buy prom wear get the full works, everything from the suit, shirt and shoes down to the socks, pocket squares and lapel pins. Although once or twice we have had people use our made-to-measure service as they wanted to create something a bit more specific and unique, they would rather pay more to design every aspect of their suit than tailor an off the peg piece.”

Have you dressed any celebrities?

“Most recently we dressed Kerry Katona’s wedding party that was featured in OK magazine, that was quite a big thing for us as we were chosen out of all of the other Gentlemen’s outfitters in the country. We regularly dress Peter Grant who has a program on the BBC as well as a variety of boxers. Sometimes we get a visit from some of the people on Geordie Shore who want clothing for events, tv appearances and nights out.”

Why do you think prom is becoming so popular with boys now?

“I would say there are many reasons why prom is becoming a much bigger deal for boys, not only is there peer pressure, it is a competition who can be the best dressed. Everyone wants to be original so obviously the styles are getting more extreme, it is very fashion focused. Of course the social media craze really plays a major role in it all as well, when your picture is being taken constantly throughout the night people want to look good as the pictures last more than one night.”

Inside Durham's Woven store

Inside Durham’s Woven store


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