London Collections: Men – Sibling A/W15


Image from BFC

Image from BFC

Pink to make the boys wink. The trio of knitwear fanatics that are Sibling, have created an autumn/winter collective with so much of the vibrant colour, that I think Barbie herself would be jealous of the creations the models had to wear.

The dominant colour was incorporated into tailored and in some cases sportswear designs, along side black, white, tan and just minute hints of navy thrown into the vivid mix.

The collection is as usual, fun. As sequin checkerboard and Fair Isle cardigans worked seamlessly into the mix.

A little light relief from the vibrancy arrived in the form of a trio of tan tailoring, consisting of blazers, biker jackets and frock coats. All accented with pink tube socks, hats & gloves and the footwear seen throughout the show, the Chelsea boot.

Another texture was fur. Crafted into jumpers, edged on a biker jacket and shorts duo and the accessories the models were carrying, a variety of crocheted bears in the collections colours and prints.

The bears were seen to finish off the ensembles pinned to scarves, lapels or oversized ones tucked under the arms of the statuesque models strolling down the runway.

The final look did its job and summed up the entire collection. A luminous pink sleeveless top, edged in navy with SIBLING emblazoned across the chest in bold black font. As knee grazing shorts, sports socks and a pair of Chelsea boots finished the look. The model carried several of the new generation bears that look like they belonged to the Sibling knitwear monster seen in previous seasons. Does this mean the knitwear monster has had a little knitwear family? I do hope so.

The hair channelled a pastel pink version of Tin Tin’s renowned quiff, with some of the models have fading black patches worked into their short cropped manes.

Sibling have once triumphed in bring knitwear into the 21st century, I mean you just have to look at the faces of the audience (and mine) to see how happy they are with this winter collection.

Three word description: SO MUCH PINK!


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