Mark Bryan: The man in skirts and heels

During the global Coronavirus lockdown, Mark Bryan, an American mechanical engineer living in Germany, took to Instagram every day to show off his fashionable work from home attire. Each outfit included high heels and a skirt accompanied by a traditional men’s shirt.

Mark, 61, uses Instagram as a platform to preach that he is a ‘normal, happily married, straight guy’ that loves to incorporate a skirt and heels into his daily wardrobe and believes that ‘clothes and shoes have no gender’.

Speaking out about how he began to incorporate high heels and skirts into his outfits, the American football coach said; “I started wearing skirts about four years ago and have worn them full time with high heels for about three years. To begin, I started just wearing high heels with my regular pants and then eventually moved to skirts later on.”

Although Mark can be seen wearing heels and skirts for every occasion from going to work to cleaning out his garage, he admits that when he is coaching, he wears shorts and football cleats and says, ‘you can’t wear skirts and heels 24/7’.

He explains that his first experience was ‘non-eventful’. “I was really surprised that everyone either just ignored me or just looked at me. People just don’t really care what a person wears as long as you have the confidence to pull it off.

“When I wear heels and skirts it is not sexual. To me it is just being different. The high heels make me feel empowered.”

His advice to others wanting to experiment with their wardrobes is; “Just be confident in what you do. Show people that you are not afraid. Be strong and be confident and people will leave you alone.”

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