Missing! Necklaces from the red carpet

Awards season is in full swing and to paraphrase sitcom queen, Moira Rose, it’s our favourite season. But something is amiss on the red carpets this year as celebrities sport bare necks and minimal jewellery.

With the Golden Globes back in January, we saw the likes of Daisy Edgar Jones, Madeline Cline and Selena Gomez without anything to adorn their necks, and this trend has only persevered at events like the Grammys.

Daisy Edgar Jones at the Golden Globes Image from Alamy

But why have we suddenly stopped wearing necklaces?

Some theories suggest that, like hemlines and lipstick purchases, the presence of necklaces may change due to the economic state. Hemlines fall as the economy struggles and more lipsticks are bought when society is going through financial trouble, such as the cost of living crisis.

TikTok has dubbed this trend as part of ‘recessioncore’ which suggests that celebrities are ‘roleplaying’ being poor.

Adele with her Grammy, but no necklace. Image from Alamy

Jewellery designer Alice Rivers-Cripps,  creative director of Posh Totty Designs, said; “We are surprised by the absence of necklaces on the red carpet…we have seen an increased demand for smaller, more discreet personal designs rather than statement pieces. Understated necklaces that say something about the wearer.”

“This trend is reversed in earrings where customers often now want bolder designs. We have seen a rise in sales of signature hoops, bright birthstones and thread-through styles….Perhaps this award season they will take centre stage on the red carpet.”

Are we going to see more earrings and piercings on the Red Carpet? Image from Alamy

Or maybe these celebrities just prefer their looks without too much adornment? Stylist Mimi Cuttrell reportedly wanted the feather dress she put Madeline Cline in for the Critics Choice awards to be the statement, not some jewellery such as a necklace would be.


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