Mourning My Headphones

Yesterday I had to say goodbye to the one accessory I could truly say I would never leave the house without. My Beats headphones. They were the best shopping companion a girl could ever ask for, the most reliable gym buddy and last but not least made every single outfit I own look extra cute. Without them, I feel so awkward, exposed and clunky like walking without music is somehow embarrassing and I cannot face the thought of entering a public space alone not wearing them.

They had been there through all my best purchases, for instance, my favourite brown pinstripe charity shop trousers and the curation of my ever-reliable vintage coat collection. They bore witness to all of my compulsive spending and got me to the job interviews that helped me pay for it. They got me on trains to see my girlfriend only to have me leave with more clothes than I came with every single time. They got me to go out in more daring outfits that I was a little unsure of because some music in my ears is prone to melting the rest of the world away and boosting my confidence.

To say the least for the 5 long years I had these headphones they were a big part of my fashion world.

Aforementioned I loved wearing my headphones to the gym as I’m always quite body conscious there especially in formfitting workout wear, wearing cute and put-together outfits to the gym while playing my favourite uplifting and invigorating songs can really help increase my performance and confidence as it makes me feel so much better about myself and the tighter more revealing clothing I am wearing.

The gym was not the only place in which they helped me with my fashion-related dilemmas. Each morning, my headphones would play a vital role in curating my outfits, which I would often find to be one of the hardest decision-making challenges I would face all day. Lately, when struggling with what to where I would look to the musical artists I’d been playing a lot of. As of recently, entering Autumn, I’ve been inspired by the soulful and warm songs of my all-time favourite artist Amy Winehouse, I’ve found myself being drawn to darker-coloured clothing featuring pops of red and dark eye makeup paying homage to her iconic looks.

Aesthetics wise I just feel my outfits look incomplete without my classic black headphones on my ears or hanging around my neck as I feel like they portray something I love and helps reflect my personality. It allows me to display on my body my love for music and the arts as a part of my outfit which I just think is really fun.

My headphones had become a crucial and cherished accessory, blending functionality with my personal style. They effortlessly fit into any setting, be it a casual street look, the gym, on my way to work or a more polished appearance.

It’s not just about the aesthetics; they’re comfortable too, making sure I feel at ease not only on the outside but the inside, boosting my self-confidence and allowing me to embrace my love of clothing and step outside of my comfort zone. Regardless of changing fashion trends, headphones will stay as a reliable part of my wardrobe, adding a unique touch to my style.

They are a cherished accessory that accompanied me through various aspects of my life. It’s clear that my headphones played a significant role in enhancing my daily looks and I find it amazing how certain objects can become intertwined with our personal narratives and memories so much so that they can have such a profound effect on how we present ourselves to the public.


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