My jewellery box memoir

Jewellery to me, especially my rings, have become like second skin, I never take them off. They have quite literally become part of who I am. I’ve worn them every day for so long now that friends and colleagues just associate rings with me and if I turn up without them on, they jokingly ask if I’m okay and my response is typically “no I feel naked without them”.

All my 12 rings I wear everyday have a special meaning, some handed down from my mam and auntie, some were a treat to myself, and some birthday presents. However, my favourite ring is my Vivienne Westwood one. I had loved Vivienne Westwood as a designer for ages and fell in love with her designs for both clothes and jewellery. In 2021 after passing my A Levels and getting into university to do something I have always wanted to do, my mam surprised me with this ring, which was on my wish list for absolutely ages, but I couldn’t afford it myself at the time.

I feel like everyone remembers their first designer item whether it be jewellery, clothes or handbags, this ring was mine and it will always be treasured. It will forever be my signature item that I never take off. From being a little girl, I’ve grown up seeing my mam, nana and aunty all having their special jewellery pieces that they never take off and now I’m glad to say I have my own now.

Jewellery has always been a big part of my family’s identity, and all have very different pieces which signify them. Me and my sister have core memories from being a child raiding through my mam and nanas jewellery box trying on everything from my nanas pearl necklace to my mams rings which were always far too big hoping one day to be able to wear them properly. To this day we still sit and do this hearing the stories behind where each piece is from and what memories they have which many have been passed down to us to keep.

Since falling in love with my Vivienne Westwood ring I have since built up my own collection of jewellery from her range. Every time I visit my favourite city, London, I always save up to buy something from the Vivienne Westwood store which makes it even more special. Once I even had to save up and rebuy the same ring my mam bought me after losing it on a night, not one I want to remember. I’m not sure how she didn’t notice it not being on my hand but a trip to London and several tears later I managed to get another one, I don’t think I ever told her that, but I suppose there’s two stories behind this ring now.

So, this just goes to show there’s a story and memory behind everything which makes it special to you, and for me I hope that one day I’ll be able to pass down my jewellery to my own children sharing memories and stories as I collect more over the years but i’ll never forget my first special ring.


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    Great article.

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