Newcastle Uni fashion society announce catwalk collaboration with Environmental Justice Fund charity

The Newcastle University fashion society (NUFS) announced that the theme for their Spring 2020 catwalk show will follow the theme of ‘zero waste’. 

Image: (promo shots from the NUFS blog)

NUFS have since revealed that they are collaborating with the Environmental Justice Fund charity to showcase ethical fashion practices and raise awareness of the damage being caused by the fast fashion industry.

Sophie Walker, NUFS president, says; “As a geography student with huge concerns for the future, doing a sustainable fashion show was always in my mind from the onset. 

“The fashion industry is incredibly polluting and too few people recognise the effect of their buying habits. We need to educate people on this, especially students, as we are the demographic who can change this.”


As in previous years the show will include designs from local designers as well as their own NUFS designed collections which have been exclusively created by their own members.

Sophie added; “The overall aim of the show is to increase awareness of sustainable fashion and promote the brands who do act sustainably.

 We all too often buy from large chains out of convenience when we have local sustainable designers right on our doorstep. We want to showcase them and let them shine ”

The show will take place from 5pm at the Boiler Shop, Newcastle on 22nd March and aim to raise awareness of the damage being caused by the fast fashion industry.

Tickets are available to purchase here.

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