No rest for the wicked: 5 things you can do with that extra hour instead of sleeping

The clocks go back this weekend (if you didn’t already know, let this be your reminder.) To be specific, the clocks will go back one hour in the early hours of Sunday October 29.

This officially marks the end of British Summertime, and obviously the one thing on your mind is going to be that extra hour in your warm, cosy bed.

However, have you ever thought of what you could achieve in that one extra hour that could benefit you for the rest of the day? If not, check out our list of what you can do with that extra hour instead of sleeping, we think you’d be surprised.

Go to that gym class you’ve booked

How many times have you cancelled your 6am spin class and set your alarm to snooze? Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Use this hour to gym it, whether you’ve booked a class or doing your own thing. Just think, it saves you having to drag your gym kit to work and means you can go home and chill at the end of the day.


Cook yourself a hearty breakfast

Skipping breakfast and just relying on milky coffee or tea to soothe your hunger isn’t good for anyone. Use this hour to make sure you eat breakfast like a queen. Make yourself some scrambled eggs on toast, blend a nutritious smoothie and prepare your lunch. Once you’re done, tuck in to your breakfast and catch up on the morning news. It’ll leave you feeling energised and informed, ready to start the day.


Get ahead on this weekends outfit

Got a night out with the girls planned this weekend? Use this hour to sit down with your breakfast and a cuppa and scroll through your favourite online shopping sites. You’ll order it before the next day delivery deadline and it’ll get you set for the weekend even more.


Make yourself feel good

Pamper mornings are the new pamper nights. With this hour you can use a revitalising face mask to prep your skin for the day ahead. You can even use that deep conditioner that you never seem to have time to use. Silky hair and soft skin is the ultimate winner that’ll keep you feeling good all day.


De-clutter your wardrobe

A clear wardrobe is one of the most satisfying things. Make three sections, one being keep, one being give to charity, and the other being a ‘maybe’. Sort out the clothes and marvel at your work when your wardrobe is all sorted into neat sections of dresses, jumpers, jeans and blouses.


Just look at how much that extra hour can help to improve your day!

We hope that our tips have motivated you to get out of bed an hour earlier, but if not, enjoy that extra beauty sleep.


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