Our new agony aunt wants to hear from you


Meet Brogan Hindmarsh, Fashion North’s new style agony aunt. She is a shopping addict, a fashion enthusiast and aspiring fashion stylist. She loves to help people choose the perfect outfit and solve any style problems.

Brogan knows the high street stores inside out and guarantees to find you the perfect outfit for any occasion to make you look flawless from head to toe. Brogan knows people have different tastes so she promises to show a range of examples as well as showing you some shops and websites you may have never heard of.

If you would like Brogan to solve your style dilemmas, make sure you send in your questions and keep your eyes peeled for Brogan’s weekly features that will be up on the agony aunt page every Thursday. Move over Carrie Bradshaw, Brogan Hindmarsh is here.

Like William Shakespeare once wrote in A Midsummer Night’s Dream: “And though she may be but little, she is fierce.”

Ask Brogan anything, and she will answer on Fashion North instantly. No question will go unanswered. If you’re body conscious, style conscious, any kind of conscious DON’T WORRY. You can speak to Brogan via email.

Remember to send your name, age, height and clothing size via.

–        Email Brogan directly at Bg30rx@student.sunderland.ac.uk

–        Twitter by tweeting to @Fashion_north, write your question and add #dearbrogan at the end.

–        Or, you can ask brogan directly on Twitter or direct message your questions at @broganhindmarsh


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