Out with the Cold and in with the Oodie

Many of us may still be clinging on to what’s left of our summer wardrobes, but now is the time to ditch the sleeveless clothing and invest in cosy comforts as autumn takes over.

With the cost-of-living crisis in mind, Fashion North brings you more affordable options that will help you be comfy for less, while keeping it stylish.

The ‘oodie’ – the perfect blend of a blanket and hoodie – has become increasingly popular due to the teddy-bear fleece on the inside and their oversized design, with stores all across the North East developing their own versions of them. Primark has rebranded it to create the ‘snuddie’ – their own creative twist that comes in many colours and designs to suit your own personal style.

Primark £16


This Primark patterned fleece snuddie (£16) is perfect for a subtle-toned outfit to complete your cosy night-in.


The high street retailer has also launched themed snuddies, so whether you’re a fan of Marvel, Disney, or Winnie the Pooh, they have you covered.

Primark £19


Want to be the ultimate Disney fan? This Disney’s Bambi Snuddie (£19) is a perfect fit.


They sell their snuddies in both the adult’s and children’s ranges, so the whole family can coordinate for those darker nights spent curled up indoors.


H&M has its own take on comfortable hoodie-style loungewear, with the shop bringing in soft clothing as we approach the winter season. While they may not have the blanket feel to them, they will be sure to keep the chill away.

Image Credit: Bethany Jones £13

This winter-worthy jumper (£13) is available in both beige and brown; a great piece to add to your classic colour palette.


Whatever your style there will be an oodie out there for you.

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