Reuse and restyle: my personal style journey

As a fashion design student I strive to express myself though fashion, my style is very versatile; being inspired by whimsical goth, street-style and softer trends like cottage core and academia.

With my personal style and this outfit in particular I was inspired by Fleetwood mac’s Stevie Nicks and hippie culture. Taking a witchy natural aesthetic and combining it with more dark and modern palettes like the black, white and beige. I grew up in a very rural farming village and am pagan so I feel very connected to the nature, like the hippies were, and I like to use florals and earthy tones to express that part of my personality. I like to combine masculine silhouettes with feminine touches; the trench coat has a very masculine smooth look whereas the dress is very flirty, feminine and flowy.

I love Stevie’s usage of flowy varied lengths of skirts and her feminine yet spookish style. I wanted to have this casual but whimsical look so I can be warm, comfy but also stay true to my style whilst going about my daily uni life.










(Stevie Nicks, Fleetwood Mac)




I like to add signature earrings to add a fun and unique twist to an otherwise serious and neutral outfit, I also LOVE claw grips as they keep my very wild curly hair back but also can add a pop of colour.

I bought this dress from Urban Outfitters for more than I usually would budget but I fell in love!

I use this dress in many ways.. whether it’s as a skirt under a shirt, t-shirt or turtleneck; or as a dress with a cardigan or button up shirt. I also ALWAYS wear this trench coat as its a very good layering piece.

The key into sustainable fashion and finding your true style is to find one piece you love but can also style and wear in more ways than one.

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Trench coat: from a charity shop but you can find a similar one here!




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