Rocha’s Royal Reference

Fashion North picks their favourite look from Simone Rocha’s London Fashion Week S/S21.

This is one of my favourite looks from London Fashion Week as I love the bone-like lines created on the dress. I feel like the cream colour of the garment reflects the season well, a time often associated with innocence, new life and purity. However, as boning is derived from the corset, which is often sexualized, the use of this technique may be an allusion to a hidden sense promiscuity.

Furthermore, I love the embellishment around the pocket and neckline of the dress as it adds a timeless sparkle to the clothing. The silhouette reminds me of the crinoline structure that died out in the late 1800’s. Nowadays, we often associate that style of dress with aristocracy, which I feel is very well suited to the location of London which has long been connected to the notion and culture of hierarchy what with its history and links to the royal family.

The jewellery and decoration on the shoes pick out and mirror the embellishments on the dress, adding to the regal nature of the design. Personally, I like to believe there is a link between the platform of the shoe worn with this dress and the original style of heels worn with crinoline dresses which were intended to elevate the wearer in both physical stature and class.


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