She’s a Barbie Girl: My top five favourite Margot Robbie’s Barbie Looks

Barbie has definitely been on everyone’s minds recently, and with the release of Greta Gerwig’s Barbie this Friday; rightly so.

Gerwig’s casting of Margot Robbie as Barbie is nothing short of perfect, and Margot Robbie’s press promotion of the movie has been exceptional. Not only has pink been a favourite in Robbie’s wardrobe recently, Robbie has recreated a variety of Barbie doll looks, and here are my personal favourites:

5. Original Barbie


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Whilst in Sydney for the press tour, Margot Robbie glowed in a monochrome striped strapless Herve Leger dress.

The monochrome stripe pattern reflected the swimsuit of the Original 1959 Barbie doll. Robbie’s alluring take on the swimsuit, wearing a dress with striking similarities rather than a swimsuit is a brilliant idea, the look is no doubt almost identical to the 1959 doll, but Robbie’s slightly different twist adds more of a ‘drinking cocktails by the pool’ vibe than a ‘going to the beach for a swim’ vibe. Both looks are perfect in themselves, but Robbie using one look and subtly transforming it definitely pays off. Robbie yet again replicates the hairstyle and makeup of the Original Barbie, and genuinely looks like the human version of the doll, in fact, you can’t convince me that Margot Robbie isn’t actually Barbie. The addition of the sunglasses adds a retro vibe and is yet again a nod to the doll, Robbie wears similar sunglasses to that of the doll, with a cat eye frame in white. Robbie stayed true to the look of the Original Barbie doll, but adding a dress rather than a swimsuit also makes the outfit more Barbie press-tour appropriate. I loved this outfit, personally, so it’s definitely made it in my top five, it’s beautiful, chic, but also simple and timeless, and whilst it’s not my favourite look from Robbie so far, it’s absolutely up there.


4. Solo in the Spotlight Barbie 


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On the July 9th LA premiere of Barbie, Margot Robbie sported a tulle-hem black sequin gown, referencing the 1960 Solo in the Spotlight Barbie.

This look strays away from the classic hot pink Barbie looks we’ve been seeing (and loving), Robbie looks classy and chic wearing this look, it’s definitely giving Hollywood glamour. This is a fantastic portrayal of a vintage Barbie, where Robbie channels the effortless yet elegant aspect of Barbie. Wearing black rather than pink is certainly a different choice for Barbie, however, the use of the pink tulle handkerchief ties in with the pink Barbie theme, and again, replicates the 1960 Solo in the Spotlight doll. The accessories, like the silver diamond choker and black satin gloves, adds additional classiness to this look and perfectly reflects the look of the doll. Moreover, the peep-toe shoes worn by Robbie are identical of those worn by the doll, Margot Robbie has created a perfectly realistic replication, and I love it. Every last detail is taken into consideration, even down to the hair and makeup, which reflects Robbie’s genius decision to promote the Barbie movie with an array of Barbie looks. This look is glamorous and stylish, and Robbie looked absolutely stunning, it’d be criminal for this look to not be included in my top five.

3. Totally Hair Barbie 


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One of the more popular retro Barbie’s was the Totally Hair Barbie, which happened to be the best selling Barbie doll. Robbie used this legendary Barbie as one of her inspirations and this is definitely an excellent promotion move.                                     

Wearing a groovy Pucci multi-coloured mini dress, Robbie looked colourful and creative in the geometric vintage inspired outfit. However, arguably the main focus of Robbie’s look was her beautiful blonde hair, as she donned a crimped 90s inspired hairstyle, mirroring the Totally Hair Barbie. This look no doubt was very based around Barbie’s hair, and Robbie encapsulated this concept with her blonde crimped locks capturing the Totally Hair Barbie’s iconic style. I absolutely loved the fact that although crimping is very much a 90s hair trend that we haven’t seen much of at all in recent years, Robbie disregarded what’s trendy nowadays and went with an unconventional hairstyle to reflect one of the more popular Barbie dolls. I wouldn’t be surprised if this look sparked up interest in hair crimping and made it trendy again. Robbie also accessorised with the signature hot pink Barbie ‘B’ earrings that the original doll wears, which is such a simple detail yet so powerful, and a perfect way to promote the Greta Gerwig movie. Not to mention, Robbie also wore hot pink stiletto heels, a staple in Barbie’s wardrobe. Robbie looked like she was straight out of the 90s, and honestly, it’s nothing short of amazing. However, Robbie’s accessory choice of a pastel pink handbag would have been, in my opinion, much more fitting if she opted for a hot pink accessory rather than a softer pink, but she still looked absolutely stunning, nonetheless.


2. Enchanted Evening Barbie 


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For the London leg of the Barbie premiere, Margot Robbie left everyone speechless. This is absolutely one of my personal favourite looks Robbie has created, however, the Day to Night 1985 look just edges it for me, but more of that later.

Robbie looked nothing short of breath-taking in the custom blush pink Vivienne Westwood gown, I almost can’t find the words to describe it. Accessorised with a pearl choker, satin gloves and a rose brooch featuring Vivienne Westwood’s orb logo, Robbie replicated the Enchanted Evening 1960 Barbie doll. The look of this whole outfit was absolutely gorgeous, and Robbie’s subtle and soft makeup look accompanied the ensemble perfectly. Although the doll is sporting red lipstick and a dramatic blue eye look, Robbie opted for a more muted romantic makeup look, which genuinely, in my opinion, matched the outfit flawlessly, so we can’t be mad at her for applying some differences to this iconic Barbie look. Robbie flaunted a fluffy white shawl, exactly as the Barbie doll did, and the satin train of the corseted Vivienne Westwood dress was effortlessly beautiful, and again, cleverly mimicked the Barbie doll. The real life creation of this Barbie look was an absolute designer dream. Margot Robbie has always been a fashion icon but these Barbie inspired looks are on another level, and this Enchanted Evening look was so unbelievably stunning.


1. Day to Night Barbie 1985


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My absolute favourite Margot Robbie recreation of a Barbie look so far is the 1985 ‘Day’ version of the Day to Night Barbie look which Robbie recreated for the Seoul Barbie premiere.

Robbie slayed a hundred times over with these looks. The vintage Versace feminine power suit for the ‘Day’ Barbie outfit was straight out of an 80s Barbie dream, I personally am a huge 80s fan, so there’s no question as to why this is my favourite look. The eye-capturing vibrant pink just screamed Barbie, and the white details, although minimal, drew the whole ensemble together. The white and pink heels were perfect for the outfit and literally a replica of the original doll. The hat Robbie accessorised the outfit with was perfect, too, since it not only mimicked the doll, but just genuinely brought the whole outfit, accessories and all, together. The combination of magenta and white detailing is feminine and representative of classic Barbie. Robbie also accessorised with a pink retro blocky style phone, giving the look a more authentic 80s feel, which I absolutely loved. Although the original doll wasn’t accompanied with this bejewelled accessory, in my view, it was a perfect touch and just the right addition to the outfit to create even more of a nod to the 1980s. I mean, the whole era was about going over the top with your fashion, so the fact that Robbie channelled this was iconic.

Robbie’s swift change into the ‘Night’ version of the 1985 doll was also beautiful, with the Versace pink party dress simply screaming Barbie. Although the look was more simple than the latter, it definitely reflected the original ‘Night’ Barbie outfit. The hot pink glittery bag and hot pink open-toe heels added even more authentic Barbie and the whole look was just simply beautiful, but the ‘Day’ version was my absolute favourite.

Do you agree with my top five of Margot Robbie’s Barbie looks? Which of Robbie’s bubbly Barbie outfits has been your favourite? Let us know on our Twitter: @fashion_north.




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