Sleeping beauties: The met is back!

By Elise Hutchinson

Florence Pugh, left, and Pier Paolo Piccioli attend Met Gala 2023, New York. Credit: Alamy

Welcome back! The year has spun around again, and we now come back to the time of year that everyone is waiting for, on the 6th of May 2024.

The Met Gala is formally known as the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Costume Institute. The eye-capturing event which brings together designs from all over the world to be presented on a stunningly designed carpet which changes its theme each year.

This time it’s the theme of ‘The Sleeping Beauties: reawakening fashion’ which definitely is not centred around Disney but instead, the focus point of the exhibition will be the fragile, forgotten, matured designs which span over 400 years brought back to life by modernity.

Although these 15 pieces are too fragile to even be placed on a mannequin due to how delicate they are, they ‘will be on display’ according to The Cut which stated that they can’t be worn again but are going to be shown. Instead of wearing these designs we will most likely see replications of these being made along with old designer brand pieces being revived from the flames once again.

Let’s time travel backwards to reflect on three past iconic Met looks to highlight the expectations of the quality we have seen before. First, we have the stunning Elle Fanning who just last year in 2023 came to the event dedicated to Karl Lagerfeld (theme name was Karl Lagerfeld: a line of beauty) wearing the most spectacular ballgown made by no other than Vivienne Westwood of course.

Elle Fanning arriving at The Met Gala 2023.Credit: Doug Peters/Alamy Live News

The dress turned heads as she walked down the carpet. The floral pattern white dress hit the floor and all eyes were on her, the dress was floor length with a trail running along behind her as she contrasted this with the little black jacket and flower crown seen when she was 13 years old when she met Lagerfeld on her photoshoot.

Next of course we have the beautiful Blake Lively of 2022, this met look was a complete hit!! And is still talked about to this day.

Blake Lively arriving at The Met Gala 2022. Credit: Doug Peters/ Alamy Live News

The beautiful ballgown replicated the key city tributes like the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty etc… in a fashion talk made by Atelier Versace with the theme of ‘in America: an anthology of fashion’. The love letter to New York City opened eyes as Blake Lively showed us the transformative party trick of the dress as it changed from a blue trail to a bronzed neutral pink to match the rest of the dress. This is a dress which will truly always be remembered.

Finally, we have Victoria Beckham’s 2003 look with the theme of ‘Goddess’ where she defiantly understood the assignment as she wore a Dolce & Gabbana design which was stunning, its bright rime stoned edges shaped the masterpiece, the rime stones brought the outfit to excellency as they defined the different pastel colours. Along with the rime stones the dress also had a lace lining on the sides of the rime stones which added so much detail to the flauntless dress.

Where can I watch the Met Gala in 2024?

The best place to watch the Met Gala online if you are not based in New York would be via the Vogue livestream where they show everything which goes on in the moment, unless you want to watch it a few days after as it will most defiantly be shown on nearly every single social media you could think of, the highlights will also be on YouTube days after.

As we look back at these outfits it makes us wonder more what everyone will take from the theme coming up, who will make an appearance and what will everyone wear?

It won’t be long until all of these questions are answered as there are few days to go until we see the ‘party of the year’ make its appearance once again as the most talked about thing of the moment.


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