Spring with a Twist: Cowgirl & Hippy


For this outfit style, I chose to go with a long-patterned skirt from Ivy&leo with a collared long-sleeve dress that I tucked under the skirt. The collared long-sleeve is from American Eagle. I was going for what a western girl would wear for a date night, by including the hat it helps replicate the cowgirl style.

Detailed image of Cowgirl Hat


For this outfit style, I chose to go with a long-sleeved turtleneck from Belk, and a simple black crochet vest from Anna Bananas. As for the bottoms, I wanted to keep the spring appearance, so I added a pair of whitewashed denim shorts I got second-hand, and under it layered with fleece tights that are from Amazon. This was a fun fit for me seeing how crazy I could go with all the different items I have. This is what I would think a ‘hippie’ person would wear for spring weather.

This is another fun photo I got, trying out different poses and seeing how they turn out on the camera, this was my favourite photo out of this shoot.


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