Styling The Streets

When styling for everyday wear I need to be comfortable but also still have that little “dark flare” I am iconically known for, whether that be a girly dress with some docs or a chunky belt with some heels.

This week I wore the North-based alternative brand Disturbia. Their prints are absolutely unique and truly beautiful, mixed with botanical plants, insects and animal remains. It is a very cute piece for a goth girl like myself, who has an obsession with beauty within nature and decay.

The style of this dress is a mid-length button-up, similar to a long shirt. This dress does come with an optional belt so if floaty and free is your vibe then this dress is for you but if you would like that waist snatching, then pair it with the belt and it instantly gives you your figure back. A subtle hint to my shape or style is never on the cards it is always a go hard or go home mentality and to ensure that vibe came through strong, my trusty thick belt was worn to give my waist even more shape. A waist only the Victorians would have been proud of.

Finally, when is a good time to wear fishnets? The answer to that is all of the time. Was it 5 degrees when these photos were taken? Absolutely, but I mean in the North East of England that is indeed a heatwave and I will never be persuaded otherwise. Dr Martens are my go-to pair of boots to wear and be comfortable, the boots also added a little more of that iconic flare to my outfit.

As I patrolled the streets of Sunderland trying to find “the location” I came across an old-school telephone box that had well and truly seen better days. The telephone had been ripped out leaving exposed wires where a phone used to sit, windows put through, graffiti and a lingering smell of ammonia. It was enough to make any human being of a sane mindset shriek in horror and run in the opposite direction? Me however I thought it added to the ambience, I couldn’t have gotten my photo taken quickly enough and it has become one of my favourite photos to date. Even if the smell of street culture will forever haunt me.

Dress – Disturbia (Preloved from British Heart Foundation, Newcastle) £15

Shoes – Sinclair Boots, Dr Martens £200

Coat – Rita Ora, Primark £40

Scarf – Hello Goodbye Scarf, Hell Bunny £29.99

Belt – Damaged Society, £15

Necklace – Foxglove Poison Pendant, The Poison Palm, Etsy – £14.99

Hair – Curious Orange, Bleach of London £6


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