The Two Style Personalities

We all have our own individual style that we feel most comfortable with, for some it is bright colours and comfy coords but for myself, it’s always the darker end of the colour spectrum.

Every aspect of my life is very dark including my home interior and that’s because I find comfort in the more gothic aesthetic, however on the very odd occasion that is not always the case. Look at my hair for example. Not only do I love to wear black but I also like to introduce a “pop” of colour now and again to break the look up and I feel that sometimes really works well to catch the eye.

This style is what I call “classy goth” because it looks classy and I’m a goth. The embroidered bright white snake on the black dress is the small “pop” of colour I like and the contrast between both colours is beautiful. The elegance of the flowing dress is lovely and to synch that, a viscose belt can be worn when you buy the dress or if you really want to accessorise a harness. I personally prefer a harness as it shows off my figure more and can complement an outfit.

Dress – Disturbia (Preloved Vinted £15)

Harness – Primark £5

When I’m feeling a little more relaxed and want to dress a little more casual I tend to go more to a grunge aesthetic. Baggy and comfortable clothes are always a personal favourite when I’m feeling a little more sensory and the thought of tight clothes makes me feel gross.

These two styles I have are completely different to each other as one is a lot more graceful and the other a little more dishevelled and I feel there is nothing wrong with that. My chunky platforms give me a little more height and comfort and also help to not get my jeans wet, in a very rainy England. My overly baggy jumper provides me with all of the comfort, I need to get me through the day!

Jumper – The Ragged Priest £45

Jeans – Primark £25

Boots – Buffalo London £150

Earrings – Occult, Affleck’s £8

As somebody with a very hectic lifestyle, I unfortunately don’t always have the time or the energy to style myself like my first image. I personally feel mental well-being also plays a huge contributing factor to fashion and how we present ourselves. I believe that should be highlighted and spoken about more as fashion is a form of artistic expression and not all artists feel great 100% of the time!


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