Streetwear: Denim Fits

My street style is very denim-heavy, jeans being essential to every outfit. They are my main highlight piece, helping me to stand out and add a bit of flare to my style daily. Accessories and interchangeable layers give a new silhouette and vibe to the outfit.

Some outfits don’t feel right without the correct accessories; Silver gives the added touch which not only defines the structure but my interests. The pieces here are also reflected by the type and style of the silver I wear on a day-to-day basis such as my necklace, rings and chain. The padlock

is a staple in gothic/grunge fashion in today’s streetwear.

The Barbour fur denim jeans were designed and created by me. The style is very out there and different to the norm, which is exactly how I love to dress. I like to look like my own person and not a copy-paste of generic styles you see every day. The T-shirt covered in holes go well with the pattern cutouts of the fur jeans, and the colour of the top matches the fur on the left leg as colour coordination is essential in my outfits regardless of the occasion.

This photo was taken in “Diego’s Joint” located at 28 Norfolk St, Sunniside, Sunderland SR1 1EE

A location shoot is helpful to portray my style as the props, scenery, background and lighting are all natural and fit perfectly with the aesthetic. The bar is an artistic location to be in.

My favourite pair of jeans, are known as ‘Tsunami Denim’, as the design reflects the waves of the water. The colour is a vibrant turquoise which stands out. The bell bottom shape sits perfectly on the sole of my boots and is the highlight piece of everything it is worn with.

The jeans are created by a ‘designer versed in denim’, a one-of-a-kind pair made by myself. Find me @Reuben_shields on Instagram.

Leather jackets are also a personal favourite as the silver from the zips and buttons, and the shine from the leather itself complements the jewellery. It is a perfect addition to any denim outfit. The shirt around my waist is also a staple to my style as it can be worn with almost everything the same way and adds that touch of flare and silhouette to the outfit as well as shaping out my body proportions a lot better, giving me more confidence in myself and my physique. It can also be an added layer in case it rains or gets a little cold and in the UK you never really know what to expect with the cold.



Rings –

leather jacket – Pull & Bear Faux leather Jacket

Tsunami Jeans – @Reuben_Shields

Fur Jeans – @sami.a.khan

Boots – Black timberland premium 6 inch boot 

Padlock Necklace – H&M padlock necklace -> similar one found instead (Necklace)


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