Stylish Sportswear: it CAN be done

Models on the catwalk during the SIBLING London Collections Men AW2016 show at BFC Show Space, Victoria House, London.

Models on the catwalk during the SIBLING London Collections Men AW2016 showcased Boxing themed collection. Picture by: Yui Mok / PA Wire/Press Association Images

Now when someone says ‘sportswear’, to some of us what springs to mind are hideous looking jackets (Vicky Pollard style), unflattering jogger bottoms and the brightest neon Nike trainers that make your eyes hurt. Over the years, sportswear is something every on-trend girl has avoided like the plague (unless you were hitting the gym of course). Nowadays, wearing sportswear doesn’t mean you’re a ‘chav’ or that you’ve gone all masculine; it incorporates gym, fitness and street/urban wear.

If you’re not entirely convinced, you only have to look at some of the designers out there and their collections. Many designer brands such as Balenciaga, Alexander Wang and Tommy Hilfiger have designed sportswear inspired garments, which have proved to be a big hit on the catwalk. Even high street stores styled up sportswear, such as the Topshop and Adidas collaboration.

South Shields born fashion designer, Anna Moutafis, designs sportswear and says that she has worn it ever since she was a teenager.

She said: “I’ve always been interested in sportswear as I’m quite a sporty person. The thing with it is that it will just never go out of fashion”.

Her website, Sports Stylist, contrasts sports fashion with a slight hip hop edge using feminine sheers, which was inspired by the silhouette and texture of the parachute. Anna also said that she takes inspiration for her designs from designers such as Christopher Shannon and Astrid Andersen, who are known to combine masculine sports and street wear with feminine details, such as frills and embroidery.

Anna said: “I like how they mix different fabrics and colours together which you’d think wouldn’t work but somehow it just does. It’s all about contrast when it comes to urban and streetwear.”

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Believe it or not, you CAN actually work sportswear in the right way by wearing just one piece and dressing it up with your everyday clothes and accessories.

Teaming a pair of Nike Roshe Runs with a pair of white ripped skinny jeans or a vintage varsity jacket with a simple bodycon dress shows how you can begin to work the stylish sportswear look without looking like you’ve just come back from the gym.

So if you’re feeling confident enough to embrace sportswear if you weren’t before, here’s three tips to bear in mind so that you nail the look…

1. Keep it street – You don’t want to look like you’re heading to a fitness class so go for more clean lines and different fabrics.

2. Add accessories – Wearing a big chunky watch or a pair of sunglasses will complete your on-trend look.

3. Go retro – Trends these days often take inspiration from the past, so look out for vintage sportswear clothing such as an Adidas sweatshirt or a pair of vintage style running shoes.


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