Taylor Swift will never go out of style – or will she?

With the release of Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation on Friday, we look back at her style over the years with every album release.

2006: Taylor Swift

A then 16-year-old Taylor released her first self-titled album “Taylor Swift”

New to the scene Taylor was known as the country girl singer and her style matched that at the time, she rocked cowgirl boots back in the day.


2008: Fearless

The second album Taylor was released in 2008, and she started to delve into the pop scene while still keeping her country roots. Her style starts to subtly change as her music started to take a different path.


2010: Speak Now

20 year-old Taylor was still rocking her signature long curly looks while her style began to get a bit more girly even though she would still be spotted in a checkered shirt every now and then.


2012: Red

Taylor stayed with the same genre as her previous album pop-country-rock. She started to ditch the signature long curls for a more straight/ wavy hairstyle. I would say this is the last album where the signature Taylor swift style ended.


2014: 1989

The fifth album by Taylor and she finally made the switch from her country roots to mainstream pop music. No longer was there the 16-year-old Taylor with long blonde curly locks in a pair of cowgirl boots but a 24-year-old sophisticated iconic red lipstick wearing pop star.


2017: Reputation

Three years after releasing her old album, Taylor’s style developed even more. Her hair is shorter and blonder and she has the pop star style nailed. The classic Taylor Swift red lip still remains a strong part of her identity.


So, it begs the thought, will she go out of style? Will her next album influence the way her style changes? Looks like we’ll have to wait another two to three years to find out.


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