Cosy nightwear: we put fluffy pyjamas to the feel test

As cold nights are fast approaching, warm pyjamas are a must-have.

Thick, furry, comfy nightwear can be found eveywhere on the high street right now.

Stores such as Select, Next and Primark have stocked up on their winter warmers and Fashion North have put them to the feel test.

Check out our ratings below with 0 being the worst texture and 10 being the cosiest.

Select £16.99


These onesies are soft but very thin. They would be comfortable to wear but most likely wouldn’t keep you very warm.

Next £20


Next’s jumpers are very thick and so soft. They would be perfect to wear with some long pyjama bottoms.

Next £36


This onesie isn’t as thick as the jumpers but is fairly soft. The fun deer design could make up for this but we think it’s overpriced.

Next £30


This onesie looks like sheep wool but luckily isn’t as thick or hard. This is by far the softest item in Next.

Next £28


The dressing gown feels velvety and is a much thinner option. I think this garment would be better if the white material lined it, to make it thicker.

Primark £16


Not only is this gown much cheaper than the Next one, it is a thicker material and feels comfier. Perfect for a Disney fan.

Primark £16


This onesie isn’t much better than Select’s selection. I think they’ve focused more on the Harry Potter themed design and pointy shaped hood than the texture of the garment.

Primark £14


This has got to be the softest nightwear piece in Primark. The only thing preventing it from being 10/10 is that it could be slightly thicker and longer.

Primark £11


This Olaf pyjama set is so thick, it would definitely keep you warm on the coldest of nights. It is also as soft as the Miffy dressing gown so definitely wins the feel test.

Primark £8


This penguin pyjama set is almost as good as the Olaf said but feels slightly rougher. However, for just £8, it is a bargain.


Pyjama sets

As these are boxed up, they couldn’t be involved in the feel test. However, we do want to mention them because they are the cutest themed pyjamas and for just £11-£13 from Primark, we think they would make perfect Christmas gifts this year or Christmas Eve pyjamas for yourself. They even come with fluffy socks to match and some come with super cute eye masks.

Let us know what you’ll be wearing to stay warm on these cold nights


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