The Unapologetic Trad Wife

With the 1950s Trad housewife trend circulating on the internet again and a large influence of this lifestyle from TikTok I felt it was important to address this current trend.

A Trad housewife is a woman without a working income who is reliant on her husband to provide for her and their family. Cooking, cleaning, looking after their children and running errands are just a daily selection of tasks for a traditional housewife.

 What did we gain from the 1950’s Trad housewife? amazing fashion, styling and vintage style pin-up. This article will show some beautiful imagery inspired by the 1950s.

Owning my scars

Donning a ruby red lip with matching nails we have a powerful strong woman owning her femininity and beauty, breaking the bonds that no longer serve her. Healing and finding herself from within and leaning into her own wants and needs.

A simple yet sexy black eyeliner to enhance her once lifeless trapped eyes, now bright and bold. She will no longer serve a one-sided relationship and only serve herself.


Enough is enough…

Black hair piece, £7 from SHEIN 

Black and gold bodysuit, £16 by Matalan (Unavailable to buy)

Black metal boned corset, £15 from SHEIN

Black seamed stockings, 81p from AliExpress 

PU Leather Garter, £5.76 from Ali Express

Black lace-up boots, £20 by Primark (Unavailable to buy)

Wine red shibari rope, £100 by Reborn Ropes available on ETSY. 

Lady of the house

Another oppressed housewife bound to the cleaning duties of day-to-day life. Styling a beautiful plain black skirt with a thigh-high side split.

On the top, we have a cute and quirky shirt with a small cherry emblem on each breast.   A simple yet sophisticated peep toe heel all while vacuuming the living room. A very extraordinary lady.


Don’t step any closer

This housewife has had enough, the systematic cleaning method is out and feminine rage is in. An angry lip with a beautiful cherry red coating and a natural brown eyebrow to shape the look.

A small, winged eyeliner and brown complimentary shimmer over her revengeful eyes. Do you want something cleaned? Well… you can do it yourself.


Enough is enough…

Cherry head scalf, £2.50 from British Heart Foundation (Unavailable to buy)

Black cherry shirt, £32.99 by Pussy Deluxe available at EMP 

Red “hero bra”, £36 by Ann Summers 

Black peep-toe heels, £49.99 by Onlymaker available on Amazon

The lady in charge

A very headstrong and independent wife no longer bound by the traditional chains of “housewife”. With her stunning burgundy lingerie set paired with a mesh metal boned corset, she is a lady who won’t take no for an answer.

Black thigh-high stockings hug her colourful thighs perfectly and the heels complete this entire look. Role reversal is present in this wife’s house as she provides for her family in unconventional ways that the neighbours deem “outrageous.” Living her life unapologetically.


“No.” is a full sentence

Apologising to nobody for her unapologetic lifestyle she poses with a beautiful dark red voluptuous lip and simple black winged liner. Beautiful barrel rolled-two-toned hair with loose curls makes this style look very professional. Her demeanour is sexy and fierce.


Enough is enough…

Burgundy “She’s Poison” bra, £28 by KILLSTAR 

Burgundy “She’s Poison” Garter, £23 by KILLSTAR 

Burgundy “She’s Poison” knickers, £15 by KILLSTAR (Unavailable to buy), black corset, £15 from eBay Black

stockings, £7 from eBay 

Black heels, £20 by New Look (Unavailable to buy)

Riding Crop, £15 available on Amazon

The angelic rose

After being told by her friends and family that her new married life will be bliss this young woman sits nervously and thinks about her new life.

A beautiful black crop tie top paired with a khaki-coloured pencil skirt fitting perfectly around all her curves. And a pair of thick denier tights and a subtle black peep toe.


Rage against the system

Quickly learning that marriage isn’t as good as it was made out to be our newest housewife rebels against the system favoured for men. Raging against the system she wears a beautiful dark burgundy lip against her pale white skin.

Her social life is now non-existent, replaced with cooking meals and running errands. A modest nude brown eye makeup highlighting the sadness in her eyes. Releasing some of that rage she decides to take a stand.


Enough is enough….

Black crop top, £30 by Anne Summers

Khaki skirt, gifted by a friend

Black tights, £5 by Primark

Black peep toe heels, £49.99 by Onlymaker available on Amazon




From left to right;

Model: Katie Hailies

Model: Beth Corbett

Style Director: Paige Bovingdon

Model: Bex Thompson

Photographer: Dave Thompson at D.Thompson Imaging

Model: Becci Harrison


from left to right;

Hairstylist & assistant: Rainy studying hairdressing at college & Will

Makeup: Artistry by Faye Winston at Ethereal

Location: Caviar Studio,

2 Fourth Banks, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NEI 3PA

Tel:07931 543 994


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