Thieving Ross: the one where David Schwimmer swore it wasn’t him

There’s been high circulation of David Schwimmer in the news the past few days, due to Blackpool Police appealing for a man who stole a jacket, mobile phone and wallet from a local restaurant.

But why is David Schwimmer in the picture you ask? Because it may just be his doppelganger purchasing beer at a supermarket with the stolen goods.

Blackpool Police took to Facebook to appeal for information on the suspect, to which comments then flooded in claiming that he looked a lot like Schwimmer.

Best known for his role as Ross Geller in Friends, Schwimmer reacted to the news by taking to social media himself re-creating the CCTV footage.


In respect of the legend himself for creating this video, here at Fashion North, we’ve put together our best Ross Geller moments. Take a look at the giphs below.



“I’m Fine!”


“We were on a break!”


“I’m making FAJITAS!”


Ross’ spray tan


The sad news breaks this week that Friends is to be taken off Netflix, but the good news is the actual suspect has been identified.

Let us know your top Ross moments at @Fashion_North


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