Tips for every quarantined fashionista

If you’re anything like me you will have complete hot and cold mixed feelings about this whole quarantine situation. On one hand, a few days in front of the telly sounds amazing but on the other it sounds like absolute hell.

Not being able to leave the house and do the usual mundane things we all hate will likely make us all go a little bit crazy. But it is important to remember we are all in the same boat and there are things we can do to make the most of the situation.

So, to look out for our collective sanity, I have devised a few tips and tricks on how to keep feeling as fabulous as always!

Firstly, have a lie in. It goes without saying that if you’re told you don’t have to get out of bed, you just won’t.
So of course have a couple of extra hours in bed, just try not to stay in bed all day.

Secondly, do not sit in your pyjamas all day, unless obviously they’re your best Anne Summers silky Pyjama set. Staying in your old comfy stained t-shirt is not going to make you feel productive and, well, that is what we’re going for here. So get dressed, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, I’m not asking you to strut around in 6inch heels, just something without any holes or stains in.

Next, staying in the house often means a no makeup day, (Yey!) but it doesn’t have to. Makeup is for you, and it is a way for you to feel good about yourself. That doesn’t mean you have to wear your best YSL foundation and Better than Sex mascara, it just means wear what you feel best in. So maybe chuck on that bright red lipstick you’re always too scared to wear out the house. For one it will make you feel more comfortable in it so you’ll be able to wear it out, when we’re allowed. And it will make you feel much better about sitting inside all day.

However if you don’t fancy the hassle of doing your makeup, making sure you complete your usual skin care routine is a must. A perfect excuse to use all the soaps, bath bombs and face masks you probably have lying around from Christmas. Pimples and blackheads stop for no quarantine!

I hope with all the stress and madness that is going on right now, you find something to keep you sane, stay safe and keep up good general hygiene.


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