Tis’ the season to dye our hair red, thanks Stacey Solomon

Singer and TV personality Stacey Solomon, 32, took to Instagram at the end of November to show off her brand new, bright red luscious locks. Her post got over 700,ooo  likes and, many were inspired by this festive hair trend. 


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Fiery red hair has been an on and off trend for many years. Most notably, in 2011, when Rihanna brought it back into the fashion industry. But also, around the same time, Ariana Grande’s character Cat Valentine in the Nickelodeon Tv show, Victorious was known for her blood-red tresses, which we all envied.

Image credit: Alamy.com

Image credit: Alamy.com














Back then, I succumbed to the trend very quickly and adored my Little Mermaid-esque look. Red hair warms my pale skin tone and brings out the blue in my eyes. The colour can enhance my best features and make me feel bold, confident, and fierce.

Image credit: Holly Allton

Image credit: Holly Allton











However, I decided to go back to being a blonde (my natural colour) in 2016 and have stayed that colour since (aside from a brief pink stint in lockdown). The red hair dye trend had fazed out considerably, even becoming unfashionable and tacky. I had also reached the age of 21 and, by this point, I thought that my days of wacky coloured hair were over, as I wanted to appear more grown-up and mature. Choosing blonde balayage salon trips over a botched box dye night in was a sensible choice, but admittedly, nowhere near as fun.

In doing so, I feel I hid my eccentric personality under a mane of honey highlights to fit in with the norm. But when I saw the image of Stacey Solomon with her cherry-coloured curls, totally stepping out of her comfort zone, I felt inspired, influenced, and encouraged to do the same.

So, I did it! I used two boxes of Garnier Nutrisse Ultra Colour, in the shade 6.60 Fiery Red to achieve the look. For being a home box dye job, done by a friend with absolutely no qualifications within the hair industry, I loved how it turned out. The result was exactly what I had hoped for in my mind.

Image credit: Holly Allton

Image credit: Holly Allton













I realised when we hit December that my hair was so festive, sharing the primary red colour used in Christmas decorations, gifts, and outfits. It made me even more excited for the festive period, and I am already planning how I will incorporate my now eye-catching head of hair with my makeup and fashion to create the perfect Christmas style.

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