Transitional Troubles: The Best Transitional Season Jackets

It’s neither too hot, nor is it too cold, and the struggle every morning figuring out what to wear is becoming too much to handle. It is the time of year where we probably want to wear our new big winter coats and wrap up, but it still just isn’t cold enough. Here at Fashion North we have found the most stylish, and practical, coats and jackets that can get you through this in-between time.

Every year the same style of coat appears in stores and has proven time and time again that it is the best transitional coat. It is of course… the trench coat. Whether you’re out and about doing some shopping or going to work, the trench coat keeps you stylish and adds that extra layer to keep you warm. Wear the coat with jeans to keep it casual, or smart office clothing to keep it professional. It is ever so versatile.

For reliable jackets that create an effortlessly cool look, try leather jackets and shirt-style jackets (aka, the new ‘Shackets’). A classic black jacket will go with all outfits but if you want a more outgoing look, opt for a coloured ‘shacket’- there are so many out there right now. Here are some examples that we love:

If you’re wanting a waterproof jacket to help you with the rainy British weather, but still want to look chic, here are some of the best hooded and waterproof jackets. There are various puffer jackets and raincoats to help.

Finding the perfect jacket can be hard but here at Fashion North we’d like to make it easier! Tweet us your favourite transitional coats and jackets @Fashion_North, or tag us on Instagram @Fashion_North.


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