Tried and tested: Lush Cosmetics Santa’s Lip Scrub

Lush Cosmetics limited edition Santa edible Lip Scrub is perfect for those winter worn lips this season.

The edible lip scrub moisturises your pout to perfection and wears away any flaky dry skin that everyone falls victim to at this bitter time of year. The scrub also serves as a primer before applying lipsticks or lip balms, or when used alone, the lip scrub enhances the lips natural colour and fullness.

Santa’s Lip Scrub is simple to use, apply half a 5 pence piece to your finger tip and scrub into the lips then lick away any excess (I will admit I often use a little more than necessary just to lick away more of the extra flavour). The cola cube taste in this limited edition balm is created from caster sugar, dates and cherries – leaving a sweet and moreish taste.

The small container goes a long way, as only a little is needed each time, I also own the bubblegum scrub and still have over three quarters of it left after buying it a year ago. Unfortunately, similarly to other Lush products, the price is a bit steep at £5.50 the small container. However due to how long it lasts, the sweet taste and nourishing quality, it’s definitely a beauty essential worth investing in.


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