UK v USA – a whole new fashion language

As an American studying at the University of Sunderland for a semester, Sarah Inman has realis(z)ed some words we share hold very different meanings across the pond…

In Britain, pants cover your butt. In America, pants cover your whole leg.
In Britain, if someone said they have ten pounds of makeup on, someone would think that is a great deal (because everyone does such good makeup here). In America, if someone has ten pounds of makeup on, it means she is wearing too much makeup and looks fake.
In Britain, people wear braces on their torso connected to their trousers. In America, we wear braces in our mouths connected to our teeth.
In Britain, trainers are shoes. In America, trainers train you (it's in the word!) at the gym.
Party Dress
In Britain, any night is an appropriate night for a party dress. In America, we wait for special occasions like birthdays, New Years, formals or themed parties to go all out with our outfits and makeup.
In Britain, a flannel clean messes and dries hands. In America, we wear flannels and find them great for layering.
Winter Clothes
In Britain, for some reason that is beyond me, people wear less clothes at night than in the day even though it is colder at night. In America, we put on more clothes as it gets colder (even if that means wearing a coat on our waist at the club, I know we are mental).
In Britain, Boots mean heath and beauty products galore. In America, Boots are shoes.
What Adidas Are Used For
In Britain, Adidas shoes are used to kick-start an outfit. In America, Adidas shoes are used to kick footballs and play other sports.

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