Are you wearing the right size bra?

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Bras, it seems we all hate them. Whether we’re complaining about how expensive a small piece of lace attached to some wire is, or moaning about how they dig into our backs during the day, us ladies are never happy with our over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders.

Unfortunately, bra’s are one of those essential clothing items that women need to buy regularly. It is reported that $16 billion dollars are spent on bras annually worldwide – that’s over 8.6 million Mulberry Alexa handbags worth. We despair!

However, wearing the right size bra is absolutely crucial to our health and it appears a great deal of women are walking around wearing one that doesn’t fit correctly.

A study by the US National Library of Medicine found 80% of women were wearing the wrong size bra, with 70% being too small and 10% being too large. Furthermore, bra retailer Curvy Kate told the Daily Mail earlier this year that they found 90% of their customers were wearing the wrong size bra.

Danielle Kisby from Bras Galore spoke to Fashion North about the dangers of wearing the wrong size bra.

She said: “Wearing the wrong size bra can cause a multitude of issues for women.

“Pain can be caused by an ill-fitting bra putting too much weight on the back, a good bra will take all the support from around the band, not the shoulder straps. The underwires digging in or rubbing can also be an issue if the bra is the wrong size.

“A good fitting bra will lift the bust and support it, giving you a great shape! And let’s face it, a good fitting bra will make your clothes hang better and will make you feel better too… just ask Gok Wan! Support, Support, Support – that’s the best and most important reason to make sure you are wearing the right size bra.”

As well as checking the underwires, Bravissimo suggest that: “Your back band should be horizontal and not ride up your back at all. If it is loose, or it rides up at the back, try a smaller back size (but remember to increase your cup size).”

Sarah Smithson, an ex bra-fitter for Evans said: “If you lift your arms up and the bra moves then it is not fitting the bust correctly.

“There is a fine line between finding a bra that fits correctly but is also comfortable. You should get a bra fitted by a specialist as they will be able to find something that doesn’t dig in but also looks perfect.”

If you feel like any of these issues are affecting you, it would be beneficial to go and see a bra-fitting specialist as soon as you can. Check out our interactive map of stores in Sunderland city centre that have a bra fitting and make an appointment.


We recommend going to see a specialist to be measured for a bra, however, if you’re in a pinch and would like to order a bra online, check out Bra Galore’s calculator tool here.

The moral of the story? Look after your boobs ladies, they’re with you for life!


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