Will this eco label woo young fashionistas to M&S?

Marks & Spencer have recently began selling the sustainable fashion brand, Nobody’s Child, through their website. Over the years, Marks & Spencer have worked with brands like Per Una and Goodmove, selling their products online and in-stores. Now, they have joined the sustainability bandwagon and here at Fashion North, we are loving it!

I’m sure we’ve all associated Marks & Spencer with our grandmothers for as long as we can remember and so we never think about turning to this high-street chain for some fashionable clothes that suit us; it’s just not for us- or at least it wasn’t. Due to struggles in sales over many years, M&S have tried various things to rejuvenate and almost rebrand. They’ve changed their adverts from classic and calm to more upbeat and livelier; partnered with the nation’s favourite TV lady, Holly Willoughby; as well as collaborating with supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. We can’t say that they haven’t tried. However, have their efforts been successful?

The answer to that: not so much.

It’s no secret that the high-street chain Marks & Spencer has been struggling with sales and have announced store closures. So far 30 stores have already closed, and they plan to close more than 100 stores by 2022, according to BBC. Working with a relatively new sustainable fashion brand from the style capital London may be an attempt to boost sales and gain new customers amongst the younger (and, arguably more woke) crowds, as sustainability is a huge deal in the fashion industry right now. Young adults are starting to make a stand and demand change to achieve a more ethical lifestyle that protects our planet. These days, more and more young people shop for sustainable clothing and brands are beginning to bring out sustainable collections.

As Marks & Spencer have now started to sell the affordable, sustainable clothing from Nobody’s Child, perhaps more young people will begin to shop there, and they will gain more publicity. After all, who doesn’t want stunning sustainable clothes at an affordable price?

The Nobody’s Child collection is available online at Marks & Spencer and now the brand can reach a wider range of customers. The collection is filled with various prints, including floral, star, polka dot and animal prints. You name it, it’s there. From cosy knitted jumpers, to flowing dresses that are perfect for day or night, there’s plenty for everyone. Sustainable doesn’t mean boring.

Some of our favourites are:


There’s so many amazing pieces from this collection. Tweet us @Fashion_North some of the looks that you love!


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