YouTube stars are taking over: Morphe X Jeffree Star is a sell out


Credit: Morphe

Influencers, YouTube stars, bloggers, Instagrammers; you name it, they are taking the world by storm and have created some serious buzz in the beauty industry. One of them being Jeffree Star, who has just dropped his new collaboration with Morphe Brushes – it has totally got us talking.

The collection contains a make-up brush collection which features seven make-up brushes, and also a beauty sponge trio which has three pink beauty blenders (£16) and you can also buy every single brush included in the collection separately if you had your eye on a personal favourite. The brushes fit Jeffree Star’s brand to a T. They are very sassy, iconic-looking brushes with a diamond shaped handle. It almost reminds us of a stiletto heel. They are made from synthetic hair and have Jeffree’s signature pink packaging.

However, we don’t know about you but the brush bag looks more like a pencil case then a cosmetics bag, therefore, it doesn’t do justice compared to the brushes.  The brush collection originally retails for £85.00 then originally went down to £48.00 and is available in most Morphe stores, however, it only took ONE day for the collection to sell out online.

Credit: Morphe

Jeffree Star has over 12 million subscribers on his Youtube channel, 11.1 million followers on Instagram and 3.33 million followers over on Twitter. He even has his own cosmetic range ‘Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ which is available to buy in Morphe stores and online retailers such as Beauty Bay. His Youtube channel features many different makeup videos and collaborations which he has created over the years as well as his vlogs. In particular one of his vlogs featured the launch of his cosmetic range which shut down an entire mall in America.

Famous make-up YouTube star, James Charles managed to bring Birmingham’s Bullring shopping centre to a standstill at the end of January this year when he made a special appearance. Around 8,000 fans gathered to see a glimpse of the makeup artist, who has around 13.7m subscribers. His videos have featured many celebrities including Kylie Jenner and he won the award for the best channel in the beauty category at the 8th Streamy Awards.

The Youtube and blogging industry is continuously growing day by day where ‘influencers’ are taking over the world by collaborating with some of the best makeup, clothing, and homeware brands and forever growing over millions of followers all by sitting at home and talking to a camera. Yes, it is that simple but many of these individuals such as Jeffree Star have turned their brand into a successful business. Or in Jeffree’s case, an empire. It really is a growing form of new celebrities where even children aspire to pursue a career as a YouTuber.

Famous Youtuber’s like Star have such a huge impact over the beauty industry, their followers will see posts/sponsored posts shared by them and will then usually go and buy the products just because of their large following. This community is forever growing at the moment with new influencers, bloggers, collaborations constantly coming on the scene. But how long will it last?

Did you manage to get your hands on the Morphe X Jeffree Star collaboration? Tweet us @Fashion_North. You can also view the Morphe X Jeffree Star collection here, although you won’t be able to buy it.





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