Yummy Mummy: Are baby bumps the latest accessory?

From the Brazilian butt lift to fake tan, bodies have been a trend and accessory for decades. But with young stars announcing their pregnancies and stylish new maternity lines emerging, could this be the latest trend in body shapes?

From Molly-Mae to Tanya Burr, it seems every young star in the public eye is suddenly expecting a child. These pregnancies come with photoshoots, baby showers, and a slew of Instagram posts, which seems to fly in the face of the hyper -authenticity lots of stars attempt to portray online.

However, is the glamorisation of pregnancy such an awful thing? In the past women have often hid their baby-bumps, forked out far too much money for maternity clothes and often felt a lack of empowerment during their trimesters. So, is making such an event of the lead up to motherhood exactly what women need to embrace their yummy mummy tummies?

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Alex McFadden, Sunderland University graduate and co-founder of the maternity brand Pretty Mama, said: “On the days I felt drained and low energy, dressing in something nice always uplifted my mood. Scrolling through Instagram and seeing other pregnant women in gorgeous outfits which showed off their growing baby bumps really inspired me.”

Her company, which she launched in 2018 with her sister Jenny, focuses on products to make new and expecting mother feel ‘beautiful, confident and amazing”.

Furthermore, it seems women are moving away from the classic styles of maternity dress, with influencers such as @Lainiozark continuing to wear her everyday clothes and just adapting them slightly to fit her seven month bump.


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The influencer is openly documenting her pregnancy via her Youtube videos and Instagram posts, much like Molly-Mae. Will the open conversation about it have any sort of knock-on affect though? And does the presence of a camera in very personal moments deduce from the joy and intimacy of the situation?

This step away from the norm maybe a sign of what’s to come, with pregnancy stomachs being a trend in themselves, erasing of the lines between everyday and maternity fashion, and opening up a simultaneously glamorous but honest dialogue surrounding the lead up to motherhood.

“My body had changed so much during pregnancy and I felt the clothes available really lacked in boosting my body confidence while pregnant and post-birth. This was the main reason we started our brand, Pretty Mama”, said Alex, whose brand has now been running for two years.

One thing is for sure: we are eagerly awaiting the PLT maternity line everyone is convinced Molly-Mae is working on.

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