Drab to fab: Experts reveal how to dress yourself happy this winter

Don’t fold away your fuchsia flares! Why your summer wardrobe may be the secret to next season’s happiness

Winter is notoriously a dark and somewhat depressing time and this year is no exception. But experts have revealed that the key to a happy winter may not be in our heavy duffle coats and big blankets, and rather in our colourful summer wardrobes.

The summer of 2022 saw a surge in online searches for ‘dopamine dressing’ as well as ‘colourful outfit ideas’ and ‘Vibrant outfits’. The hashtag ‘dopaminedressing’ even garnered over 18000 Instagram posts.

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Yumi, the Fashion retailer, even enlisted the help of professional life coach, Julie Leonard, to investigate how dopamine dressing might actually raise levels of the chemical in dressers.

“I found that wearing bright colours throughout the year but especially in autumn/winter, impacted my mood. When I wear bright colours and clothes I feel good in, I hold myself more confidently and smile more”, she said.

Image from Visualsoft

Whilst inserting bright colours and patterns into your wardrobe might not be the solution to all your problems, it will help boost your mental state and hopefully make others smile too.

“People respond to that”, Leonard said and we couldn’t agree more.

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