Getting groovy: Get the 70s look on a budget

From flares to versatile floral patterns, we’re showing you how to get the 70s look on a budget. You don’t need to break the bank to look groovy!

The 70s were no doubt a quintessential time for fashion. Eras come and go, but our love of fashion will always be timeless! When people think of the 1970s, they think of the bold yet jazzy styles of clothing that were popular during this time.

Lyndsey Jackson, from Corner 93, a vintage store in Sunderland, says “Any past decade has a reflection or diluted new version in current decade of fashion.” Lyndsey continued to say there’s always a mix of different decades in fashion, but sometimes some have a stronger influence than others.

1970s fashion icon and actress: Farrah Fawcett. Image credit: Alamy

Funky and flared

Flares were a huge part of the 70s, everyone wore them and everyone loved them, and nothing screams 70s like a pair of flared jeans. The jeans are comfy and provide easy movement, which were perfect for dancing disco lovers back in the day. A flared silhouette is flattering for everyone, and always looks stylish.

Mid rise stonewash flared jeans – Boohoo – £12


   Dark wash skinny flare jeans – Matalan – £19

These flared jeans are budget-friendly but iconic. These ‘Mid rise stonewash flared jeans‘ from Boohoo are just £12! They are currently on sale from £30, so get them fast! However, if you prefer a darker denim,  an inexpensive alternative is these ‘Dark wash skinny flare jeans‘ from Matalan, costing just £19. These jeans are the perfect way to nod to the 70s.

Jazzy in Jumpsuits 

Although less common nowadays, the 70s style jumpsuits are slowly creeping back into style, and so they should, they were stunning! In the 70s, the jumpsuit was seen as a glamorous alternative to wearing a dress, and designer Geoffrey Beene even referred to the jumpsuit as being “the ballgown of the next century.” Retro style jumpsuits are often loud in colour, they’re not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea, but we love them!

       ASOS DESIGN collar zip front 70s jumpsuit in brown – Asos – £29


Bottle Green 70’s Floral Cutaway Flared Jumpsuit – I saw it First – £8

For a more muted (but still very 70s) look, this ‘ASOS DESIGN collar zip front 70s jumpsuit in brown‘ is perfect for you. At just £29, this jumpsuit is perfect if you want a more toned down disco vibe, and is equally as stylish as something more vibrant. The colour is perfect for autumn, and the fit is extremely complimentary.

If you are looking for a more ‘out there’ look, this ‘Bottle Green 70’s Floral Cutaway Flared Jumpsuit‘ is ideal. The jumpsuit features an extravagant floral print, and everyone knows how the 70s loved a floral moment, and at only £8, this jumpsuit is an absolute steal.

A miniskirt moment 

Whilst the miniskirt has always adapted to each era of fashion, the 70s were the height of the obsession! In terms of pop culture, Blondie’s Debbie Harry would often wear a miniskirt whilst performing. The miniskirt represented femininity and playfulness, something that is sure to never go out of style. Lately, a more 70s approach is being taken when wearing miniskirts, bringing back retro patterns and corduroy.

Retro Print Bias Cut Mini Skirt – Nasty Gal – £10     

                               ASOS DESIGN high waist cord mini skirt in chocolate – Asos – £13.75

This ‘Retro Print Bias Cut Mini Skirt‘ from Nasty Gal uses a retro 70s style pattern to extenuate the 70s look. The pattern is colourful, yet not too loud, and the skirt is inexpensive, at only £10! This is a must have staple for a 70s-lovers wardrobe this autumn.

If you’re not a fan of bold patterns, but still want to rock the vintage look, this ‘ASOS DESIGN high waist cord mini skirt in chocolate’ is a great way to do it. Although more muted than the patterned skirt, this skirt still holds those strong 70s vibes, and at £13.75, you simply can’t go wrong with it.

Style with a sweater vest

The sweater vest, whilst being gender neutral, is a sure fire way to get that groovy 70s look that we all know and love. Although there have been very mixed opinions on sweater vests, they’re for sure resurging. They’re definitely the Marmite of the fashion world, you either love them or hate them, and we love them!

ASOS DESIGN knitted vest with fairisle pattern – Asos – £17

Crop sweater vest – Hollister – £10

Sweater vests are perfect for layering, and this ‘ASOS DESIGN knitted vest with fairisle pattern‘ is perfect for just that. This knitwear staple costs just £17, and is a budget friendly way to add some 70s layering to your wardrobe.

Although far from subtle, the autumnal tones of this sweater make it the perfect transitional item for the colder weather, keeping you warm and stylish in a retro way! Alternatively, this ‘Crop sweater vest‘ is a more indirect way to rock a sweater vest! The pattern, although very retro, is more toned down, and this sweater vest is perfect f0r a faint hint of the 70s in your outfits, and at £11, it’s super affordable.

Tubular trousers

Plain was simply not permitted in the 70s, you had to go big or go home! This was reflected in the ever so 70s style of bold floral, often wide legged, trousers. The bolder the better! As the 70s was definitely the era of ‘hippies’, bright floral patterns were in style, and everyone loved them. This is ‘dopamine dressing’ at its finest!


Glamorous Retro Floral Trousers – Dollskill – £14


Reclaimed Vintage inspired trousers in retro floral print co-ord – Asos – £18

Florals are always going to be in style, they represent femininity and are also simply beautiful. These ‘Glamorous Retro Floral Trousers‘ from Dollskill are a cute and girly way of showing your love to the 70s. The mixture of colours are feminine yet bright, and definitely have strong 70s vibes. They are also really affordable, costing £14 at the minute, but they’re going fast, as they’re on sale.

For a more vibrant and overall daring look, these ‘Reclaimed Vintage inspired trousers in retro floral print co-ord‘ at Asos are amazing for a splash of the 70s in your wardrobe, and can be dressed up or down. They are also on sale, priced at just £18!


What’s your favourite 1970s fashion staple? Are you in favour of the return of 1970s fashion? Be sure to let us know on Twitter and Instagram!




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