Denim Dialogues: Unveiling Street Style Stories from Four Strangers

As April blooms, denim is emerging as the perennial favourite among fashion enthusiasts. Fashion North set out to capture the spirit of denim street style in Sunderland city centre.

Karen Hatch, 45, from Sunderland

Photo credit- Seohyun Kwun

The colour combination of black and blue never fails. Karen’s style of blue ripped skinny jeans and a seamless lace Cami top was shining, all this was bought from “Primark”. Karen elevated her look by wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket she bought at TK Maxx for only £25. The combination exuded confidence and a contemporary style, effortlessly blending classic and trendy elements.

When asked about her fashion inspiration, Hatch stated: “I don’t dress up as anybody. I dress what I feel comfortable in, what I like, and I just love dressing.”

Outfit details:

Shoes: Primark

Top: Primark

Jeans: Primark

Jacket: TK Maxx

Shop similar styles here:

Seamless Lace Trim Cropped Cami (Primark) – £4.00

Stretch skinny jeans (Primark) – £9.00


Georgia Traill-Scott, 27, from Sunderland

Georgia who works at the University of Sunderland as a senior technician for Sports and Science. She showed a casual and relaxed style, with a green corduroy top and boyfriend denim jeans. Giving a finishing touch with a “Noah” hat, that gave the outfit a sporty and outdoorsy vibe.

Georgia stated: “Since the students are off, it means that I get to wear my own clothes for work.”

Photo credit- Seohyun Kwun

Fashion North asked the Senior Technician for Sports and Science what inspires her style, she said: “Just not caring what other people think – I wouldn’t say I am inspired by anything, it’s more the fact I don’t want to dress like everyone else.”

Outfit Details:

Shoes: Nike Sakai trainers

Socks: Nike

Top: Patta

Jeans: New D

Hat: Noah

Shop similar styles here:

Patta corduroy hiking top – £145 (currently sold out)


Men’s Vintage Corduroy Lapel Neck Zip Up Jacket (EMMOIL) – £47.30


Lydia Ogechi Eke, 34, from Nigeria

Lydia is a former Business Management student from the University of Sunderland. Showing her brightness and energetic figure in her “double denim” outfit. Her vibrantly patterned purse added the perfect finishing touch to the outfit, which was paired together in multiple denim washes to create a harmonious and fashionable effect.

Photo credit- Seohyun Kwun

Lydia likes all things fashion, she stated to Fashion North: “I’ve got a lot of Nigerian actresses that inspired me. But most times I inspire myself. I try putting on anything that makes me comfortable. Anything I say goes.”

Outfit details:

Shoes: Lumberjack

Jeans: River Island

Top: Shein

Denim Jacket: River Island

Shop similar styles here:

Blue Trucker Denim Jacket (River Island) – £55.00


Bennie (Oreoluwa Odenusi), 23, from Nigeria

When you think of ripped jeans, you normally think of two holes, perhaps a maximum of three. However, the jeans of Bennie who is a support staff & student studying Project Management at the University of Sunderland exceeded our expectations. Embodying a rebellious yet stylish vibe, her choice of a black denim jacket adds a sleek edge, while the unique ripped taper jeans add a touch of individuality and attitude to her look. Paired with the crisp white Nike Air Force, the look achieves a perfect balance of modernity and classic appeal.

Photo credit- Seohyun Kwun

The 23-year-old’s style is influenced by the famous model – Kendall Jenner who is well known for her neat and casual fashion styles. Bennie said: “Well basically, with pants, trousers, and a shirt, I am good to go. I don’t wear gowns or skirts, but I am more of a pants and trousers person.”

Outfit details:

Shoes: Nike Air Force 1

Clothes: (not branded) all from Nigeria

Shop similar styles here:

Helloice Ripped Taper Jeans – £50.39

Out of the many incredible ways denim can be styled, what is your favourite way to style these classic pieces?


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