10 things every fashion person feels when shopping online

So it’s that time of year again when the big winter sale weekend kicks off. The last weekend of November in which people push, shove and battle their way to the shops and of which internet sites crash, and computers freeze because of all of the crazy discounts available. It is a stressful time for the best of us but for fashion lovers it can be particularly difficult.

Here are Fashion North’s top ten feelings fashion people feel while trying to take advantage of Black Friday and the cyber weekend.


  • I’m Poor- Whether it’s because you are a student who cannot afford items even at 80% off this is a really depressing time. It is also pretty sad when you realise you have spent all of your money because you bought EVERYTHING!


  • Sadness- when you see a beautiful clutch bag that will make your life and you click to buy and the screen flashes up telling you it’s sold out.


giphy 2


  • The debate- do I really need a new pair of unicorn slippers?

giphy 3


  • But it’s a bargain- when you don’t really need the item but it’s free delivery for once so you HAVE to have it.

giphy 12


  • Anger- the site has crashed.


giphy 5


  • Panic- I can’t get on the website and now I’m going to miss out on all the discounts/ what if it sells out while I’m gone?


giphy 6


  • Fear- the fear that the seriously beautiful Topshop dress for 10 quid won’t fit. Just one last squeeeeeze.

giphy 7



  • Upset- Seeing that the dress you saved up for for ages and finally bought, is now in the sale for two pounds.


giphy 9



  • Gutted- to see that the ONE THING that you wanted isn’t on sale.


giphy 8


  • Happiness- the happiness you feel when you have ALL the clothes and you feel amazing!

giphy 11


  • Even if you are well in to your overdraft, you are happy for now.

giphy 10


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