5 problems that face tall, slim men when shopping


Girls aren’t the only people who have dilemmas when they go shopping. Most retailers seem to think all men have a bulkier, more masculine build. This is not the case. Those ectomorphs (tall and slender) out there can’t help that they grew upwards and not outwards. As a 6 foot 3, slim guy, I feel it’s my place to vent my anger and show you, the people who can order clothes online without battering an eyelid, just how hard buying clothes can be.

1. Finding the perfect pair of jeans and surprise surprise, they don’t have your size

gif 1

I know this can happen to anyone, but shops NEVER stock 30W/34L jeans EVER.

2. “Skinny jeans” 

gif 2

A pair of skinny jeans on a lanky person is essentially a pair of straight legged jeans on regular legs. Is it too much to ask for a pair of skinny jeans?

3. Long sleeved shirts. Do I need to say more?

gif 3

They might as well just be titled 3/4 sleeves. I don’t want a shirt that stops halfway down my forearm. If I wanted 3/4 I’d buy 3/4 but I don’t, I’d like my wrists to be warm too.

4. Small changing rooms

gif 4

There’s nothing worse than banging your elbows and knees on every wall, not to mention waking up bruised and battered the next day. All we ask for is a few more centimetres in there.

5. Shirts that fit perfectly everywhere except when you do up the top button

gif 5

You may as well have asked a professional wrestler to put you in a choke hold. I’d like to be able to breathe in my new shirt, thanks.

These may not seem like big things to some, but when a regular shopping trip becomes a battle between yourself, a changing room and a sales assistant it becomes very unappealing. BUT, when you finally, FINALLY, find that item of clothing that fits perfectly, you could just cry with happiness.

gif 6


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