Daisy Chain; Style on a Budget

Photo Credit: Bailey Whiteford

Favorite fit: 

For this challenge, we were given 30 minutes to go around the store and choose our favourite items of clothing and style them. Having only 30 minutes I had to find a staple piece to work around. I found a pair of pants from Neuthread a company that reuses discarded fabrics destined for landfill to make stunning clothing.

Once I had the pants, my task was now to find clothing that would work with the pants. I chose a white top that was a loose fit and I layered it with a bright red jacket helping bring the life out of the red in the pants. I then found a pair of yellow shoes that I thought would work perfectly, and they did. Lastly pairing it with a green purse. The hardest part of this challenge was having to find things that fit me, I kept coming across things that I loved but were too big for me.

Prices from the outfit 

Pants – £120

White Shirt- £3

Red Jacket- £3

Shoes- £3

Purse- £5

Total: £134

Photo Credit: Bailey Whiteford

Everyone’s style! We all did so well.

Photo Credit: Bailey Whiteford

9 to 9 styles 

For this challenge we were told to style a 9 to 9 fit, meaning something you could wear to work at 9 am then turn it into something you could wear at 9 pm for a drink out with friends. I went with a corporate busy style for work. Giving the mannequin a nice button-up shirt with a red skirt and heels.

I chose a blazer to layer over the fit to give it that corporate busy look. Now for the party to start after work you have the choice to take off the blazer and now you have a different outfit for the evening events. I added a purse to enhance the look, showing the business look above representing the morning and the evening look below.

Price of Outfit.

Skirt- £3

Blouse- £5

Blazer- £3

Purse- £3

Shoes- £3

Total: £17

Photo Credit: Bailey Whiteford


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