Depop VS Fast Fashion, where does the future lie?

Fast fashion is dying, and fashion lovers are turning to something that will not only make a statement but will also help save the planet. Sustainable fashion and second-hand ownership has skyrocketed, with businesses such as Depop becoming more popular than ever.

Why is it so popular you ask? Not only is second-hand ownership more environmentally friendly than fast fashion, it also revives vintage styles and iconic pieces that deserve more attention.
As a result of this, big brand retailers, such as Topshop and New Look are focusing their attention on online retail, to keep up with the fast-growing audience of Depop. These alternative forms of fashion can also be seen as a fun way to invest in fashion as it connects sellers with customers, and if a piece has a story behind it then people become more engaged and connected to it.
Second-hand ownership, within fashion, is seen by some as the future. This is because people nowadays are throwing their clothes away when they no longer want or need them, instead of donating them or selling them on to someone else. Depop, and other second- hand ownership businesses, are becoming more popular each year as they bring more than just clothes to customers, they also bring with them a story.
Sites such as Depop, allow users to become engaged with one and other, as they give them their own digital shop fronts and also allow them to engage with their customers and audiences. Depop itself has seen a rise in users in the past year, with 13 million users currently on the app and 90% of those users being under 26 years old. Social media has helped this movement, with customers being drawn to Depop shops because of its bright images and videos of products available.
Wanting some inspiration on who to follow and buy sustainable or vintage fashion from? Well, look no further than my favourite shops on the app so far.
Fifi’s Closet sells clothes that are sustainably sourced by owner Fiona Short, who currently has 170,000 followers on Depop.

Credit: Depop, Fifi’s Closet

Serotonin Vintage sells vintage designer pieces on Depop and also in their emporium, located in Shoreditch, London. They currently have 73,000 Depop followers.

Credit: Depop & Serotonin Vintage

Seol + Gold sells jewellery, ranging from statement rings to small minimalist necklaces in sterling silver and nine carat gold. They currently have 8,585 Depop followers.

Credit: Depop, Seol + Gold


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