Elie Saab 2016 Haute Couture

Picture by: Zacharie Scheurer / AP/Press Association Images
Picture by: Zacharie Scheurer / AP/Press Association Images
Picture by: Zacharie Scheurer / AP/Press Association Images

Elie Saab’s Spring Couture collection was a cascade of lavender hues and fine lace exquisitely styled with beading and embroidery.

This season, Saab has combined Edwardian elegance, a true strength of his, with his most recent inspiration: India.

He showcased Lilac silky trousers with draping across the waist and expertly beaded suit jackets – sans lapels – paired with flat explorer boots. It wasn’t at all what we were expecting, but somehow it came together really well. Leave it to Saab to make trailblazer gear into couture.

The boots varied in height, from ankle-boots to knee high, all decorated with gold coins and lacy chains of silver tinsel causing several of the models to take a little stumble. Despite the rocky runway, it had no effect of the triumph of the show, as Saab’s adventuress vision was transcending.

Exotic vibes unleashed across the catwalk as the traditional Saab silhouettes were modernised with capes which flowed behind them in muted tones of greys, purple, blue continuing the fluidity of Saab’s trademark style.

His bride wore a light champagne long-sleeved floor length gown, brought in at the waist with a thin ribbon belt, heavily beaded in asymmetric patterns across the bodice, sleeve, and skirt. The veil, always an awe for Saab’s audience, was part of the dress coming up from the waist, over the shoulder and neatly across the head and down to the floor.

The Indian vibes shone brightly throughout the whole show with beaded crowns and decorated waistcoats over couture gowns.

The contrast of structure and fluidity was expertly pulled off by Elie Saab, once again a show to die for.


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