Fashion North’s first buys after isolation

Here at Fashion North we are missing spending money, whether it be on clothes, holidays or coffee so we have put together a list consisting of the first things we will buy with our isolation savings. After all, if you can’t treat yourself after all this is over then when can you?

Georgia Suggitt: “I’ll be booking a night away somewhere straight away as me and my boyfriend are spending our first anniversary separated and in isolation.”

Trips away seem to be on the agenda for most of us at Fashion North.

Eve Franklin: “Me and my boyfriend were supposed to be going to Barcelona for our one-year anniversary, but it was cancelled so we’ll be rebooking that.”

Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. 

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Caitlyn Mcadam: “Me and my boyfriend were supposed to be going to York for a spa weekend which has now been cancelled so we said we will definitely be booking to go away once this is all over.”

However, some ideas closer to home included a trip to Ikea. After spending all this time at home we’ll all be desperate to redecorate.

Megan Fitzmaurice: “I’m sure we’ve all thought of things we could add or change in the house.”

Sorina Mihaila: “I was supposed to attend a Charlotte Tilbury masterclass this month, but it was cancelled. However, I’m excited because they’ll set another date for the event once quarantine is over.”

Carole Watson: Programme leader, BA (Hons) Fashion Journalism

“I’m saving a fortune in taxis and Starbucks so got my eye on my favourite candle.”

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She adds: “It’s my not going out reward.”

Personally, the first thing I’ll be buying is a drink. I’m spending my birthday in isolation so can’t go out with any friends. As soon as this is all over and places start to open up again a celebratory drink will definitely be on the cards, not just for the birthday missed but for making it through such a tough time.



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