Fashionable New Year’s Resolutions for 2016

As we enter the 2016, it’s tradition to make a New Year’s Resolution. What will you be vowing to do for 2016? Give up chocolate? Join a gym?

Why not think about all those fashion mistakes that you really should leave behind in 2015 – we have all probably made some bad decisions in the past year.

So, here are Fashion North’s tips on how to make the most fashionable New Year resolutions:

1. Probably the hardest of them all is vowing to wear more colour. As Anna Wintour says, one thing that she would never wear is head-to-toe black. We are all guilty of this, but for 2016 why not add more colour into your wardrobe.



2. Learn how to walk in heels properly, no one wants to risk a broken ankle, and if all else fails then just wear flats.



3. Clear out your wardrobe of anything you either won’t wear, or probably shouldn’t wear anymore. We’re talking about that jumper with the food stains on! That way you will have more room for more clothes.



4. Buy things you will actually wear. Remember that new dress you bought and it has just sat in your wardrobe ever since? No us neither.




5. Vow to remember to always take your make-up off before you go to bed. It is one of the worst tasks when you’re really tired but your skin will thank you for it.



6. But most importantly, vow to always look fabulous.



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