Five christmas gifts to buy second hand

Christmas is fast approaching and if you aren’t already doing your Christmas shopping, you’ll be panic buying in two weeks. Either Way, picking out gifts for our nearest and dearest can be both stressful and expensive. We can spend hours just searching for the perfect shade of lipstick for our best friend or the one toy our nephew has been chatting about for weeks on end. 

Most of us, this year at least, may find we do the majority of our Christmas shopping from the couch while avoiding large shopping centres stuffed with people. And in the spirit of both Christmas and sustainability, we have a list of the five best gifts to buy second hand- whether it be from the quirky little vintage shop on the high street you keep saying you’ll venture into, a local charity shop or even Ebay. 

1)Glasses are the perfect thing to buy from small shops second hand as you’ll often find them in quickie and original designs. They’re also a lot less expensive than brand new glasses and add a sprinkle of personality to what can otherwise be a functional and impersonal present. Better yet, pick up the intended giftee’s favourite drink to go with the glasses. 

Beautiful second hand wine glasses

2)Vintage jumpers have almost become a fashion staple in their own right, but they are the perfect gift for someone who loves comfort and style. You can even, if the person you intend to buy for has a favourite band or brand, attempt to find one with such a logo on. They make great presents for ones significant other. 

Vintage sports jumper

Well loved books- perfect for the book lover in your life

3)Books are a great second hand find for avid readers and those new to books alike. Whilst the occasional second hand book may be a bit dirty, they show the previous love from previous owners. Second hand book shops can also be the perfect place to find old copies or special editions of books, as well as lesser known titles and authors.

4)Charity shops and second hand stores are great places to pick up wooden children’s toys like train track sets and blocks. All they require is a quick sanitise and the odd quick lick of paint to be brand new. Often, such toys can also be expertly crafted and much more durable than something new and mass produced. 

5)Possibly a niche gift, but great for the homeware obsessive in your life, many vintage shops and even Ebay have some beautiful lamps, lights and shades. Whilst they may occasionally require a bit of TLC, they can be a beautiful and unique gift and a lovely way to add some originality to presents.  

Lovely art deco lamp


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